"First Assignment" is the second story quest available in Dying Light.



Rahim told me to go meet Spike. That guy runs the scouts, apparently.

Get a job from Spike
Take some firecrackers
Spike told me what Brecken and his team have been working on: a night
run. He must be desperate... but we all are, I guess. It's in the best
interests of me AND my mission to set up an escape route for Brecken's
team and arm traps for the Infected. I gotta move fast - I really don't
want to get caught out there in the dark.

Prepare a trap for Brecken's mission
Help trapped survivor
Ran into a guy who got trapped in one of the safe houses... I thought I
could help him, but he'd already turned. The poor bastard... This is not
what I signed up for.

Kill the infected runner
Turn the power on to unlock the safe zone
Get onto the building's roof and contact the GRE
Arm more car traps
Prepare light traps for the night mission
Arm more devices
Repair the next device
Find the power distribution panel and fix the light problem
Find shelter in a safe house before it gets dark
Sleep through the night
I finished my job for Spike. Hope I did enough. If we don't get some more
Antizin, then the whole Tower's done. I had to spend the night in the safe
house - the sun was setting, and I would've gotten caught in the dark.

Talk to Spike
Report meeting with the tower's leader to the GRE
Brecken's mission failed. Jade called a meeting in the tower. It's my
opportunity to finally meet with Brecken and confirm his identity.

Team up with Brecken in the Tower
Brecken's mission ended in disaster and the Tower's almost out of
Antizin. What's worse, most of the runners are either injured or dead.




Speak with Spike. He gives a briefing on the two types of airdrops - Antizen and Supplies. There's two Antizen drops incoming, and you need to

  • Head to the front of the tower, and prime the car trap.
  • Head to the safe house location, which is north of your location. You can enter by jumping onto the white van, and onto the bent fencing. There's likely two infected here, which you need to kill. Open the door to the room, and kill the last infected.
  • Activate the safe house. Be sure to also get the 230V blueprint and one of Marvin Zucker's Battle Journals while in the room. GRE contacts you, jump onto the nearby building and get their instructions.
  • Activate the other car traps. You may need to use firecrackers to distract them.
  • Activate the three light traps.
    • The one near the station requires jumping on the roof of the warehouse, and doing a running jump into the light's jut.
  • Head to the power distrubiton, somewhat to the east. There's a red blinking box.
  • Using the box for the first time activates a Goon. You likely do not have powerful weapons against it, but it can be distracted by firecrackers. While it is distracted, you can activate the powerbox to open it. There is more than one box to open, but the correct one will have a switch that can be flipped.
  • Head to the safe zone, and stay for the night.

After this, you have completed the prologue. The only remaining tasks in this quests is to speak with Spike and Brecken as required.

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