"Hose 'em, and close 'em. That's what I say."
—Faruk to Kyle Crane.

Faruk Korkmaz is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

He is a surivivor found within slums of Harran. He is found during a random encounter in which he can be right outside the Tower.

When approached by Kyle Crane, he explains that he is employed by Zerp Cleaning Products and Services and was a mere three sales away from being awarded "Salesman of the Year". Considering the outbreak, he believes his company will be closing out the year early and thus has a limited amount of time to make the deadline. He asks that Crane escort him to three locations in order for him to complete the deliveries.

The first two deliveries go rather uneventfully, with nobody answering the door so Faruk just leaves the product outside. However, during the third delivery the pair are ambushed by a member Rais' Gang. Crane kills the thug while Korkmaz makes the delivery before escaping towards the Tower.

Once safely in the lobby he thanks Kyle and rewards him with a blueprint for the Fire Launcher, as well as naming him an honourary employee of Zerp.


Notable quotes

"Sir, I am just three sales short of being Salesman of the Year. That is assuming that with all the death and zombies, we'll be closing out the year early... which we will."
—Faruk to Kyle.
"It's tough-times for sales. It's really death out there, what with all the death and so forth."
—Faruk to Kyle.
"You, Willy Loman! No commission if there's death of a salesman! Get back here!"
—Faruk to Kyle.
"I could help you, but what sort of salesman would that make me?"
—Faruk to Kyle.
"Perhaps they are out killing someone. I'll leave it at the door. You'll be billed later!"
—Faruk, when his delivery fails to answer the door.
"Probably out getting Antizin. Hope you find some! Your Zerp is waiting at the door. Also, it's automatic re-order, so you'll get two more bottles next month. Enjoy your stain-free existence."
—Faruk, when the second delivery fails to answer.
"Sometimes they start shooting at me. We should get going."
—Faruk to Kyle, after a delivery.
"These are lousy leads. We need new customers."
—Faruk during combat.
"Buy this or die!"
—Faruk during combat.
"Won't be selling him anything else."
—Faruk during combat.
"They are all dead. Nobody to sell to. Let's go!"
—Faruk after combat.


Kyle Crane: You know, I usually feel good about helping people.
Faruk Korkmaz: What are you, the Peace Corps?



  • In the Enhanced Edition of Dying Light, Faruk now wears a dust mask covering his face.
  • If Crane falls behind while escorting him, Korkmaz references Willy Loman, the protagonist of American playwright Arthur Miller's 1949 Death of a Salesman.
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