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"Fan Zone" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

Once you are in Old Town it will pop as Troy will talk to you about some distress messages coming from Fan Zone. Once you enter the Fan Zone using the elevator on the ground floor, you will find a number of bodies lying on the floor. You have to first find a key card and switch off the source message. As soon as you switch off the message, the man tells you that he is going to kill you and challenges you to escape. When you try to escape from the lift, it will get stuck and you have to escape from the top. The room will be filled with gas, so you will lose energy. The man will be equipped with a police rifle, however, he is easy to kill if you have a gun. You can also find a German 9mm pistol in the room. The mission ends with you switching on the power.


There's a distress message coming from the Fan Zone. Apparently there are women and children in trouble. They're offering supplies in exchange for assistance. I should check it out. 

  • Check what happened in the Fan Zone
  • Find the source of the message
I entered the Fan Zone. The message turned out to be bait set by some fucked up psycho killer. Now I'm going to deal with him.
  • Use Key Card
  • Take the elevator
  • Defeat the killer
  • Turn the power back on
This was a trap. That psycho's been luring people into the Fan Zone and hunting them. I had to put him down.
  • Take the elevator
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