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Erol Asani is a character featured in Dying Light.


Early life

Shortly before the outbreak, Asan was involved in an electoral battle with Kamila Fahri for the role of provincial governor. Posters advertising Asani's campaign and his promise for honesty from the government can be found throughout the city of Harran. According to regional election councillor Altan Yumlu states that Asani won the election with 56% of the votes, with a voter turnout of 45.3% of the provincial voting population.

Asani also worked closely with Karim prior to the outbreak, employing him as his personal driver and bodyguard. However, when Erol is bitten on his lower left leg, Karim makes the decision to amputate the leg. An enraged Asani banished Karim from his group, effectively ending their professional relationship.

Events of Dying Light

Following the main quest Siblings, Asan and his group of survivors move into the Harran Public School once Rais' Gang is evicted by Jade Aldemir and Kyle Crane. Reports of survivors at the school circulate back to the Tower and Crane returns to investigate, encountering Asani whom Kyle recognises as the former provincial governor. Asani is accompanied by his niece Saliha and her son, Eren, as well as his bodyguard Edward.

Asan asks Crane to retrieve cans of spray paint and complete the "HELP" message outlined on the roof of the school during the side-quest Cease and Desist. When Crane returns to Erol, he informs Kyle of a bag containing millions of dollars stolen from banks across the city in the basement, which he is willing to share. However, when Kyle enters the basement he discovers the claim was a ruse to distract Crane while Asani and his group are air-lifted out of the city. Asani apologises for betraying Crane, but reveals that upon learning that Kyle was assisting him, the Ministry of Defence refused to extract the American. He leaves behind a number of Disaster Relief On-site Packages by way of payment.



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