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"Fifty-five minus eight... That's forty-eight. Damn."

Emmett is a survivor in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Handle With Care Challenge[]

Emmett is upset over the constant loss of glass jars used for food, and asks Aiden to help in delivering some jars without breaking them.

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Show: Handle With Care Challenge

Emmett: "Forty-seven."
Aiden: "What? Fifty-five minus eight is forty-seven."
Emmett: "Oh, a smart alec, are you? Well, for me that's one jar less, so there you friggin' go. No need to be so pleased with yourself."
Aiden: "Need more jars?"
Emmett: "There are no more jars, wiseass. Why do you think I'm sulking over the eight I lost? The problem with people is that they take things for granted. Things like glass. It's been around for ages, made from a naturally abundant material: sand. Sand! Add soda ash and limestone and... presto! You have glass. Friggin' simple as that."
Aiden: "Not any more, it isn't."
Emmett: "You bet. Not with the industry dead and transportation between settlements nonexistant."
Aiden: "So... I guess you can't afford to break any more jars."
Emmett: "And that's exactly what my boys have been excelling at lately. Look. I know it's not easy to clamber around the city with jam on your back, but I mean... there has to be someone who can do it without falling and breaking a jar. Or am I asking too much?"
Aiden: "Depends on who you ask."
Emmett: "Well, I'll be damned. You're cocky... and ya got balls! Jar's on the table if you're ready for the challenge."
(After completing the challenge)
Aiden: "I delivered your precious jars."
Emmett: "That was neat. And I mean that literally. Come back if you're ever of a mind to help me out again."


  • "Don't forget: be careful with those. They will break if you fall from too high."