Ekrem Bozkurt is a character mentioned in Dying Light.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

He was a resident of Old Town in Harran and the husband of Harika Bozkurt. Together they had a daughter, Alya, and lived in an apartment on Steep Street. His daughter was enrolled in the Magic Fortress daycare under the care of Jasmine, and suffered from diabetes for which he regularly picked up Insulin prescriptions from a local Luck Medicine. When the outbreak occurred, Ekrem had just picked up his daughter's prescription and had stopped at the Fahrat Pizza parlour to pick up dinner when he was killed by infected.

Events of Dying Light Edit

During the side=quest Health Potion, Kyle Crane tracks down Ekrem and retrieves the Insulin prescription from his corpse in order to save his daughter, who is still alive at the Magic Fortress.

Quests Edit

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