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Dying Light: Nightmare Row, also knows as simply Dying Light Book is the prequel tie-in novel for the video game Dying Light.


  • Mel Wyatt, an American athlete who participated in the Global Athletic Games as part of the parkour team. She serves as the protagonist of the Novel.
  • Paul Wyatt, the younger autistic brother of Mel Wyatt who had come, alongside their parents, to cheer her on for the Global Athletic Games.
  • Dr. Khalim Abbas, a doctor who also serves as the Commissioner of Health in Harran. Dr. Abbas serves as the protagonist of the introduction of the Novel.
  • Kerim Demir, the chief of the Harran Police.


The Novel is set in the city of Harran during the early days of the virus, where the symptoms were originally not seen as anything serious. The book gradually progresses until after the so-called "D-Day", when a massive outbreak of the virus occured during the Global Athletic Games.


The introduction of the Novel is centered around Doctor Khalim Abbas, who through firsthand experience with infected people combined with reports of strange attacks, is intrigued by the event, which eventually lead him to the school in the slums.

The main plot of the Novel is centered around Mel Wyatt. Having survived an attack on the Harran Hotel, the book first focuses on her trying to find a dropping of Antizin, as she was bitten during the attack. The story gradually progresses as her infection gets worse, with her also going out of her way to look for her younger brother Paul, who she got seperated from during the attack on the hotel.


  • The Novel is available for free in PDF format for people who own Dying Light through Steam, where the PDF can be opened via a folder after being downloaded.
  • The Novel can also be purchased through Amazon.