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"Rupert's wife was bitten, and she asked him to end her suffering before she lost her identity. But Rupert couldn't do it. He hid her in the basement and called it the dungeon. The children were forbidden to go anywhere near it. Now he wants me to take care of her."
Quest introduction

Dungeon is a side quest available in Dying Light.[1]


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Take care of Rupert's wife
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Get back to Rupert
There was no happy ending to this tale. I did what I had to do, but it was an ugly death, and had none of the dignity that Jasmine had yearned for. I hope now that she's gone, Rupert will be able to move on.


After hearing odd noises from the basement while recovering blocks for Kadim in the previous quest, Crane chose to investigate further and spoke to Rupert. Speak to Rupert again to begin the quest, head for the basement with the key and enter it.

Once in the basement, a puddle of water is being electrified. Follow the red tube across the floor and turn off the electricity. Then head in the opposite direction. Keep walking to the end and then open the opened door. Take the lock off the eastern door in the room to find an infected inside, Jasmine. Kill her and then head back to Rupert to finish the quest.

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