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Dulse (quest)
Quest Type Side Quest
Difficulty Easy
Objectives Obtain dulse for Sofia
Reward 2500 Survivor points
Sophia's Healing Recipe

"Dulse" is a side quest available in Dying Light.


I need dulse from the Lake of the Drowned (I make medicines using it). I'll reward anybody who brings me some.


PS. The dulse grows at the bottom.

  • Search area marked on the map for dulse
  • Turn in dulce


During this quest, Sophia asks Crane to retrieve dulse, a plant that grows at the bottom of the Lake of the Drowned, a large body of water in the northeast section of the Slums. After collecting five dulse plants, Crane returns to Sophia for his reward: an alternative medkit recipe that can be crafted using underwater algae.


  • Dulse uses a recolored underwater algae model; while it is not as luminescent as its more common cousin, it does emit a faint glow against the murky water of the lake. This can help facilitate the search, particularly at night.
  • The gathering location, the Lake of the Drowned, is also used during the "Gas Mask Man" side quest. Complete both quests at the same time to save yourself a second trip to the lakebed.
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