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Drowners are new-type of monster in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Prior to the Sunken City being drained, Drowners are largely found only in the immediate vicinity of the Sunken City. If the Sunken City is drained, Drowners may also appear in Old Villedor and the other regions of the Central Loop.


Drowners are monsters that mutated underwater for decades, having spike-like bone grows on both of their arms and shoulders, having tumors growing all over their body. Their behaviors are akin to Virals and Bombers, as they both aggressively run towards Aiden once spotted and use their hands to viciously claw and punch instead of biting like Virals, and like Bombers, that they will try to get close to Aiden and explode after being close enough.

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  • Despite mostly residing underwater, Drowners will commonly die upon being submerged, like all other infected.
  • Using the Vault Kick ability on a sleeping Drowner (found before the Sunken City is drained) will cause said Drowner to explode.