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"Dropkick" is an Agility skill in Dying Light.


Knock down enemies with a running Dropkick. Level 4 Agility and the Dodge skill is required to unlock this ability. The Dropkick can increase in damage with the Dropkick Bomb skill. The move is executed in mid-air by running, jumping and kicking in one fluent motion. There is, however, a small delay to get up so using it in crowds will result in loss of health. Also, fall damage is increased when dropkick is used so attempting the dropkick off a building/house will cause more damage than normally jumping off a building/house. The move can be used after the Vault skill to create a combo. Can be reliably used to stagger and knock back Goons, though this may require Dropkick Bomb.

Can be combo-ed with the Pyza Suit to perform a 'Glide Kick'. The player must end the drop kick animation (Let go of L2 / LT / MMB) before initiating the Dropkick (Pressing L1 / LB / E). The Sprint Button (L3 / LS / Shift) MUST be held throughout the duration of the 'Glide Kick'. This maneuver allows for extended range of the Dropkick. Recommended to use on somewhat higher ground.

DropKick can also be used against the Night Hunter this skill can kill the Night Hunter in almost 3 Dropkicks.

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