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Drop Attack is a Power skill in Dying Light.


The drop attack gives the player the ability to fall from a high altitude and insta-kill an infected or human, by landing on it and crushing its head or piercing its chest. This ability can break the player's fall to an extent. It requires a one-handed weapon or a sword to function.

It is activated by holding down the attack button whilst falling downwards towards an enemy. Holding the attack button with an enemy below you will physically pull Crane towards the center of the enemy akin to an auto-aim of sorts.

GameSpot Expert Reviews


  • This skill will always insta-kill as long the held weapon is not broken and regardless how much damage the current held one-handed weapon deals, a 24 damage pipe or 19 damage nailed plank will perform drop attacks normally just like any other one-handed weapon, allowing you to save your stronger weapon's durability.
  • Combined with the Vault skill, the player can instantly kill infected even on even ground.
  • Combined with Vault Stun and Stun Kill, the player can instantly kill 2 infected with the right timing.
  • Due to Virals having the habit of rushing forward, one can vault over them to kill a Biter hobbling behind it or even other Virals rushing behind it.
  • Similarly, if a Viral outright stops, the player can use this chance to vault over another infected to kill said Viral.
  • For balancing reasons, this ability does not work on Demolishers, Goons, Freaks of Nature, or Volatiles.
  • While standing on top of a van, the player can use this chance to pick of dangerous infected within the horde such as Bruisers.
  • Despite being fully usable on Toads, this ability is rarely useful against them as they usually position themselves on high ground.
  • This is one of the few abilities that allow the player to instantly kill Gas Tanks as they are immune to Stun Kills and Takedowns.
  • Because humans are unaffected by the Vault Stun, one can vault over a human and perform a Drop Attack on them. This is mostly used outdoors.
  • The Night Hunter is vulnerable to drop attacks and will instantly die if the move is performed. However one needs to jump from about the height of a silo truck in order for it to work.


  • Only knives, swords, katanas, machetes, khopeshs, and etc. will perform the sharp weapon drop attack animation, other sharp weapons such as axes, sickles, cleavers, and other sharp weapons with 1 sharp side will share the same animation with blunt weapons.
    • This is most likely due to the fact that the latter mentioned weapons cannot stab through a person's chest.
  • The player cannot use this ability on infected that are in a feeding animation, rendering this ability useless on Bolters.