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Dying Light has had numerous free and paid updates and DLCs. There is currently 1 Season Pass, 4 paid expansions, 18 paid bundles and 6 free bundles.

Free updates

Be The Zombie

Main article: Be The Zombie

Get a taste of the Night Hunter's invasion, Dying Light's asymmetric multiplayer experience. All online players can face the threat of a possible invasion of their game by the Night Hunter, an extremely powerful infected mutation — playable in the Be the Zombie mode. Watch a team of Harran survivors fight for their lives as they are hunted down by this ultimate predator in the video on the right.

Previously a pre-purchase/pre-order exclusive, Techland made Be the Zombie available to all at launch.

#DrinkforDLC Rewards

An event that took place in June 2015, which was a parody of Destiny's Red Bull Quest, the DLC were announced in early September 2015. The DLC includes a new quest and a new blueprint.


  • Fountain of Youth — Bring clean drinking water back to the quarantine zone.


  • Water Balloons — Make groups of enemies super vulnerable to electricity.[1]

Content Drops (10-in-12)

Series of free DLC, the first of which was released on July 26, 2017.

Season Pass

The Season Pass is available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for USD$29.99. It includes The Following, Cuisine & Cargo, The Bozak Horde and the Ultimate Survivor Bundle.

Pre-order bonuses

Troublemaker Outfit

Troublemaker Outfit is a downloadable content outfit available in Dying Light. Disguise yourself as one of the quarantine's criminals and show them who's the tough guy around here. The outfit is purely aesthetic and offers no gameplay advantages or a true 'disguise.' The outfit was a pre-purchase/pre-order exclusive. At this moment, there is no other way to obtain it.

Dying light alienware.jpg

Alienware, Nvidia, Razer Outfits

Alienware, Nvidia, and Razer Outfits are downloadable content outfits available in Dying Light. The outfit is purely aesthetic and offers no gameplay advantages or a true 'disguise.' The outfit was a pre-purchase/pre-order exclusive. At this moment, there is no other way to obtain it. The Razer outfit can be obtained by using their cortex software and going to their giveaway page.


Cuisine & Cargo

Main article: Cuisine & Cargo

Released on February 11th, 2015 (February 10th, 2015 for Season Pass holders), the first expansion to the game adds two new Quarantine Zones : Holy Year Tunnel and Three Moons Restaurant.

The Bozak Horde

Main article: The Bozak Horde

Released on May 26th, 2015, the second expansion adds a new challenge map, the Harran Stadium, playable in either single-player or co-op, where you fight increasingly stronger and larger enemy waves as you oppose a mysterious psychopath called Bozak. It received very mixed reviews with criticisms mainly regarding the difficulty and the level design.

The Following

Main article: The Following

Released on February 9th, 2016, the third expansion introduces a whole new map with a new story, new weapons such as crossbows, new Blueprints with some having freezing abilities, and new gameplay features including a customizable buggy.


Main article: Hellraid

Released on August 13th, 2020, the fourth expansion takes place in an arcade machine where you fight hordes of skeletons in a medieval-themed castle. It was a repurposed of a cancelled game from Techland.


Bundles can contain blueprints, character outfits and buggy paint jobs.

Name Release Content Images
Blueprints Outfits Paint jobs
Ultimate Survivor Bundle 2015-03-16 Buzz Killer (sledgehammer)
Lacerator (plank)
Night Club (pipe)
The Constable (police baton)
Special Agent
Urban Explorer
Ultimate Survivor Bundle.jpg
Crash Test Skin Bundle 2016-04-19 Crash Test Dummy Outfit Crash Test
Crash Test Skin Bundle.jpg
Gun Psycho Bundle 2016-04-19 Marksman Rifle (rifle) Gun Psycho Outfit Wasteland Cruiser
Gun Psycho Bundle.jpg
Harran Ranger Bundle 2016-04-19 Ranger Bow
Ranger's Arrows
Ranger's Electric Arrows
Ranger's Exploding Arrows
Ranger's Incendiary Arrows
Harran Ranger Outfit Pathfinder
Harran Ranger Bundle.jpg
Volatile Hunter Bundle 2016-04-19 Volatile Hunter Baton
Volatile Hunter Knife
Volatile Hunter Sledgehammer
Volatile Hunter Sword
Volatile Hunter Volatile Hunter
Volatile Hunter Bundle.jpg
White Death Bundle 2017-12-19 Biting Blizzard (long knife)
Piercing Frost (machete)
Winterstorm (rifle)
White Death Ghastly Skull
White Death Bundle.jpg
Vintage Gunslinger Bundle 2017-12-19 Deputy (long knife)
Oathbreaker (shotgun)
Onyx Thunderbolt (revolver)
Sheriff Golden Bull
Vintage Gunslinger Bundle.jpg
Rais Elite Bundle 2019-08-27 Alpha (rifle)
Lupus (short knife)
Pup (pistol)
Wolfclaw (machete)
Rais' Rabid Wolf Savage Beast
Rais Elite Bundle.jpg
Godfather Bundle 2019-10-02 Consigliere (pistol)
Omertà (long knife)
Vendetta (smg)
The Don Capo
Godfather Bundle.jpg
Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Pack 2019-10-24 Electric Guitar
Frying Pan
Golf Club
Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon Pack.jpg
Harran Inmate Bundle 2019-11-26 Harran Inmate Rifle
Inmate's Kiss (wrench)
Inmate Shiv (knife)
Fugitive Anarchy
Harran Inmate Bundle.jpg
Chivalry Weapon Pack 2019-12-06 Agatha Medieval Shield
Mason Medieval Shield
Zweihander (sword)
Chivalry Outfit
Chivalry Weapon Pack.jpg
Retrowave Bundle 2019-12-19 Blademaxx (machete)
Vindicator 2000 (revolver)
Volkatronix (rifle)
Night Rider Speedmaster Turbo
Retrowave Bundle.jpg
Shu Warrior Bundle 2020-01-23 Dragon Ji (polearm)
Gust of Wind (crossbow)
Gust of Wind's Impact Bolt
Gust of Wind's Regular Bolt
Gust of Wind's Stun Bolt
Gust of Wind's Toxic Bolt
Leaping Tiger Dao (sword)
Shu Warrior Metal Rat
Shu Warrior Bundle.jpg
5th Anniversary Bundle 2020-02-20 Feather (sledgehammer)
Hellbeast (shotgun)
Your First (pipe)
Harran Veteran Veteran’s Ride
5th Anniversary Bundle.jpg
Unturned Weapon Pack 2020-04-01 Unturned Hockey Stick
Unturned Machete
Unturned Rake
Unturned Outfit
Unturned Weapon Pack.jpg
Volkan Combat Armor Bundle 2020-10-02 Volkan Combat Assault Rifle
Volkan Combat Pistol
Volkan Combat Sword
Volkan Combat Armor Volkan Combat Buggy
Volkan Combat Armor Bundle.jpg
L4D2 Bill and Gnome Chompski Pack 2020-10-27 Gnome Chompski Bill
L4D2 Bill and Gnome Chompski Pack.jpg
Classified Operation Bundle 2020-12-03 Savoir Vivre (cane)
Soaring Death (smg)
Torn Whisper (pistol)
Bureau Z Covert Crash
Classified Operation Bundle.jpg
Viking: Raiders of Harran Bundle 2021-02-11 Asgard's Protector (shield)
Asgard's Wall of Fire (shield)
Ashes of Ragnarök (heavy axe)
Ragnarök (heavy axe)
The Aesir (sword)
The Fiery Aesir (sword)
Björn the Berserker
Björn the Warrior
Viking Raiders of Harran Bundle.jpg
Ox Warrior Bundle 2021-02-11 Ox Cannon (shotgun) Ox Warrior
Ox Warrior Bundle.jpg
Harran Tactical Unit Bundle 2021-02-25 HTU "Dispatcher" Shotgun
HTU "Guardian" Rifle
HTU "HyperArgument" Hammer
HTU "Protector" Armor HTU "Four-Wheeler" Armor
Harran Tactical Unit Bundle.jpg
Rust Weapon Pack 2021-04-19 Custom SMG
Rust Assault Rifle
Salvaged Cleaver
Heavy Plate Rust Bucket
Rust Weapon Pack.jpg
Savvy Gamer Bundle 2021-06-24 LED Meta Bow
LED Meta's Arrows
LED Meta's Electric Arrows
LED Meta's Exploding Arrows
LED Meta's Incendiary Arrows
Next-Gen Maul
1337 G4m3R 4wheelz
Savvy Gamer Bundle.jpg
Astronaut Bundle 2021-08-18 V-23 Eraser (laser rifle)
V-40 Suspender (stasis pistol)
V-27 Shifter (machete)
V-9 Defender Suit V-39 Star Rover
Astronaut Bundle.jpg