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"Do You Believe?" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

Details Edit

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Assigned by: Mufid
  • Location: University (Safe House), Old Town

You will recieve:

  • XP: 10000
  • $ 1500

Objectives Edit

There's music coming from one of the Old Town's flats. I should find out where.

Find out where the music comes from
I've met a guy named Ishaq. He's some kind of a clairvoyant and he wants to help me. But first I have to provide him with herbs from the river bank that can only be collected at night.

Find night herbs on the river bank
Talk to Ishaq
Put herbs in fire bowl

Hints Edit

The location is located on the top floor of a 4 story building, there is a blue light next to an open door.

When you have spoken to Ishaq, he will ask you to collect six night herbs. You can only collect these at night but there is a bed in Ishaq's safehouse.

After collecting the night herbs, simply speak to Ishaq.

Simply put the herbs into the brazier to complete the quest.

Trivia Edit

  • This quest is required to unlock the quest, "The Shadow of the King", which allow you to obtain Rais' gun.
  • For people who use the older version of the game, this quest will only be avaliable after you have cleared all enemy outposts in Old Town.
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