The Disaster Relief On-site Package, or DROP, is an item that appears in Dying Light. They can be found in airdrops, in Rais' supply stashes, in quarantine zones and during certain quests. DROPs will appear in every single airdrop that the player manages to salvage, and in isolated airdrops where there are two unopened crates, each one will contain a DROP kit and random package on the side, such as medical supplies or a box of flares. In Rais' supply stashes, it contains stolen goods instead.

These DROPs can be delivered to Quartermasters for additional Survivor experience points. Upon delivery, the Quartermaster in the Tower will thank the player character; sometimes mentioning that people would've starved without their help. This suggests that the relief packages could contain any basic disaster supplies ranging from food and water, to Antizin and medical aid of the like. Despite DROPs being displayed as legendary items, they have no actual monetary value and cannot be sold to merchants.

The experience rewards per DROP turned in seems to increase by 500 experience per Survivor rank, beginning at 500 experience per DROP at Survivor rank 1. This equates to each DROP granting roughly 9.28% of the total exp. required for the next Survivor rank. (Experience granted may also vary based on the difficulty, needs confirmed)

At Survivor rank 12, packages award 5500 Survivor exp. each. (Normal difficulty)

At Survivor rank 13, packages award 6000 Survivor exp. each. (Normal difficulty)

At Survivor rank 14, packages award 6500 Survivor exp. each. (Normal Difficulty)

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