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"PK Declan and his buddies used to kill infected as they issued from holes in a wall. Then, his Commander's had all the holes sealed. However, a new hole has appeared and Declan has a weapon he wants to test on it."
Quest description

Water and Lightning Challenge is a Side Quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Objective icon
Finsh the challenge with at least Bronze Medal.
I rosed to Declan's challenge blasted my way to glory!

Objective icon
Report back about the challenge.
Declan was impressed and invited me back to test the weapon again any time I wanted.


Speak to Declan to start the quest and then use the challenge item. When starting the challenge Aiden will be transported to a platform with a Peacekeeper Razor Cannon at night. Three Peacekeeper dummies need to be protected from approaching infected, varying from regular infected to virals, banshees, and goons.

There are three medals which can be obtained as part of the challenge:

  • Gold: All three dummies survived. (500 Combat XP)
  • Silver: Two dummies survived. (250 Combat XP)
  • Bronze: One dummy survived. (150 Combat XP)

After having finished the challenge, return to Declan to obtain the reward and complete the quest.

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