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The Demolition Zone is a location within the Slums, Harran in Dying Light. It is situated inside a barbed wire fence, accessed by an underground pipeline found inside a warehouse near the Demoliton Zone itself.


The Demoltion Zone appears in the mission Siblings , where Kyle Crane uses explosives given to him by Rahim to destroy the Volatile Nest inside of it. After the nest is destroyed, along with the entire building, the debris of the explosion will obstruct the pipeline, preventing the player from ever returning to it.

Demolition Zone

The Demolition Zone

Demolition Zone Destroyed

The Demolition Zone after its destruction.


  • Should the player try to enter the Demoliton Zone from the outside by jumping over the fence, they will be instantly teleported to the nearest Safehouse, in the same way they would be when leaving the playable area or after dying.
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