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The Demolisher is an uncommon Infected in Dying Light and Dying Light 2 Stay Human. It is also notably the first boss to fight in the game.


The Demolisher is the largest infected type encountered by the player. Its strengths lies in its ability to break down walls and lift and toss vehicles across far distances.[1] When a Demolisher spots the player, it will charge them. However, the Demolisher is quite slow and can be easily avoided prior to its charge.[1]

Physically, the Demolisher is much larger and stronger than other infected types. Its attacks have longer windup compared to its smaller kind, making for an easier time dodging and even creates opportunity for one to lure the Demolisher's attacks to disperse nearby Biter groups.[1] Also, if a group of infected are chasing the player, with little timing and positioning one can lure them into the Demolisher's car toss attack as the player dodges it.[citation needed]

There is also a special Demolisher in Old Town dubbed Sergeant Deathrow who has a random encounter with 2 Toads against 2-3 friendly survivors. This variant has 13,708 health on nightmare difficulty. A gas mask variant, which was added November 10th, 2019, can be found in Old Town as well, sometimes paired with another Demolisher. They have a gas tank on their back that will be set off when hit, much like the Gas Tank variant of the Biters.

In the base game, they only appear in Old Town, with the exception of the boss battle in Rais' Stadium. In Dying Light: The Following, Demolishers with green military-styled camouflage appear far more commonly and unconstrained by urban environments, making them an even greater threat.

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Dying Light[]

The Demolisher was once part on the Harran police force riot control unit, who took part in helping the people of the city and fighting the infected. After getting infected, he mutated into a muscular brute, gaining the ability to tear an entire chunk on concrete from the roads and throw at survivors with ease. Still wearing his riot uniform and face helmet, he is able to survive numerous strikes from melee survivors and ranged weapons.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human[]

In Dying Light 2 Stay Human Demolishers have received changes in appearance. They no longer look like former soldiers/policemen, but as civilians. On their head you can see the remains of hair. Their lower jaw is similar to those that belong to Volatiles. Lower level variants have the typical monstrous build, and painfully large blisters. Higher level variants have started growing black, rock-like tumors and have bone spikes jutting out from their shoulders and midsections. The Demolisher will act similarly to their Dying Light predecessor, but will have a new attack. Demolishers will stomp their foot towards Aiden, causing a shockwave to knock the player down. They also have giant blisters on their arms, giving the player an advantage of attacking them at their weakpoint.

Freaks of Nature[]

Two notable Demolishers have been discovered in The Following:


  • Demolishers will lose pieces of their armor as they take more damage. It is recommended to let them charge into an obstacle before hitting it. Once its armor is removed, the Demolisher will be dazed for a short time after charging into objects.
  • If a Demolisher can land a charge, arm swing, or concrete chunk it will always result in the player being knocked on the ground for a short period of time in which the player is susceptible to damage from nearby enemies. A direct hit from a charge can also occassionally result in immediate death, no matter how much health you have at the time.
  • Melee Throw can also be very effective, one or two equal level weapons can kill it, but on hard mode it could take eight to ten throws to kill the Demolisher depending on the weapon.
  • Demolishers are vulnerable to the Stasis Field Projectors, so using these can be very effective in taking them down as it renders the Demolishers unable to fight back for a duration of time.
  • Alternatively, one can lead a Demolisher to an explosive object, like propane tanks, and cause it to explode. It does take a few explosions to kill it. The gas mask variant of the Demolisher has a gas tank on its back similar to the Gas Tank variant of the Biters. Hitting the tank can set it off, dealing damage to the Demolisher.
  • It is best to bring a gold weapon or one of the Korek Machetes and power attack its head. While there is the risk that they will smack you then follow with a charge, this is dodgeable if you are quick enough though depending on how strong you are, i.e how high a legend you are if you are level 10 it will charge 2 times if you dodge and if level 19 and above will charge 3 times at you. When it stops charging hinted by it panting slowly is the time to power hit it right in the head and it should die in 4—6 hits.
  • Using toxic and bleeding damage is effective, in the form of melee weapons, DIY grenades, or arrows and bolts. The DOT, (damage over time) will also stack with each consecutive strike, allowing more damage the more hits you are able to land
  • Normal C4 and its gelid variant prove to be ineffective against demolishers, while the gashing variant kills them quickly when stacked in large quantities.


  • Demolishers appear to wear riot armor, which indicates that they used to be members of law enforcement before the virus outbreak. Additionally, during the quest The Bunker, a demolisher identified as a police captain by Thabit Erdal confirms this.
  • In Old Town, Demolishers typically appear in the same areas; normally in small arena-like places with a very small amount of infected within the area.