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Degenerates are the most common Monster-type in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


The Degenerate is a final stage of "evolution" of the infected life cycle, as they are Biters that were exposed to sunlight for a long time. Degenerates are very weak with pieces of meat falling off of them. The more sunlight the Biters received, the weaker they will become (unless they can avoid the sun's UV rays).
Degenerates really aren't a dangerous threat, but you still have to be vigilant because they often come in hordes, which can make anyone who fight them often exhausted.

Easily distinguished by their withered clothing and slow shamble, Degenerates can be easily dispatched with blunt or sharp weapons. If a survivor is far from the infected, they will let out an agitated roar and run wildly at them, pushing any other Degenerates out of the way.


Degenerates are like Biters, but they are significantly weaker and slower. They can mostly be seen roaming the streets of Villedor during the day, with some being hardly seen in darker areas. Like the Biters, they are easy to kill when they are alone, but often travel in a group. Depending on the difficulty your playing, the number of the zombies can vary, along with the amount of health they have, and the amount of damage they can deal. They are also easily distracted by anything that makes noise, such as Firecrackers, explosions, etc. They can sometimes carry weapons, which makes them slightly more dangerous. But like usual, they can be dismembered to hinder their attacks, disable their ability to bite, and decrease their movement speed. Using the UV light on them will also decrease their health slightly, as well as stop them right in their tracks. Their clothing consists of torn coats, shirts, worn out pants, and occasionally a dirty beany. They also lack any hair, and are dumber than Biters.

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Peacekeeper Degenerate:

Infected Peacekeeper officers still wearing their armor, giving them tougher durability.