"Crash Boom Bang" is the first of the Tolga & Fatin series of side quests added in The Following expansion pack in Dying Light.

Characters Edit

Objectives Edit

A plane crashed somewhere around here. I promised to find the wreck and see if somebody survived.

Check out the plane crash site.
Reach the twins
Turns out Tolga and Fatin, a pair of twins I met in Harran, got over here via that plane. Their billionaire boss, Volkan Dal, bailed out with a parachute, but they think he's probably dead. I'll try to find him with a tracking device that the twins gave me.

Take the tracking device.
Locate Mr. Volkan
Talk to Polat.
Volkan's dead. Time to tell the twins the sad news.

Rewards Edit

Completing this quest will reward you with 2,500 survivor points, and 100 trust points.

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