Dying light slums courtyard

The mobile laboratory of Dr Imran Zere.

The courtyard is a location and Safe Zone featured in Dying Light. It is located in the slums of Harran, immediately south of the Tower.

Events of Dying Light

The courtyard is a secure location containing the mobile laboratory of Dr Imran Zere, a scientist researching a potential cure to the virus. A number of guards reside within the courtyard as well; led by Spike, their goal is to protect Dr Zere and his research. Spike also operates as a quartermaster.

During the main story quest First Assignment, Kyle Crane visits the courtyard and meets with Spike in an effort to assist with him and his group. Spike asks Crane to arm a number of traps before he accidentally short-circuits the local power grid, at which point Crane is sent to a nearby power substation in order to reboot the power.

Later, during The Pit, the courtyard is attacked by Rais' Gang, resulting in the death of many of the guards there while Dr Zere is kidnapped and brought to Kadir "Rais" Suleiman. However, Spike survives and is able to escape to the Tower.

Known survivors

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