The Compound Crossbow is a weapon obtained in the The Following expansion for Dying Light. Crane is given an inferior version of this weapon by The Faceless after assisting the survivors in the Countryside; the Compound Crossbow upgrade is received when he has further gained their trust.


The crossbow is a fairly powerful weapon in normal mode, especially devastating if the player aims for the head of the enemy. Normal bolts are simple to craft, requiring only 1 nail and 1 plastic, and produce 15 per action. Other ammunition requires additional materials such as chemicals, aerosols, and herbs.

Its main weakness is that it only has capacity for one bolt at a time and its slow reload animation, making it a poor weapon to use in close quarters.


  • The compound crossbow was originally found in a train car in review copies of The Following. The original owner is found clutching the weapon while being surrounded by infected corpses with bolts sticking out of him.
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