There are five types of collectables found in Dying Light, with more added in The Following.

Dying Light collectables include:

  • Notes are scattered throughout both the Slums and Old Town Locations, with differing authors on them. Many notes tell the quarantine from a different persons perspective, or give insight to side quests. There are a total of 34 Notes in the game.
  • Marvin Zucker's Battle Journals are scattered throughout both the Slums and Old Town, and provide helpful tips to surviving the quarantine (Such as using fire-crackers to distract the infected). There are a total of 16 Journals in the game, with them starting at 0 and ending at the Epilogue(16)
  • Flags are found in hard-to-reach locations, and provide the player with 500 agility points as a reward for reaching them. They are located in Old Town, Slums, and Antenna. There are 30 Flags in total.
  • Zombie Statues are found littered around the environment of any location. There are 100 Statues found in Dying Light
  • Voice Mails are found in the Old Town location, and have an audio playover as the player reads them. The, like notes, give insight to other people's thoughts on the quarantine. There are a total of 16 Voice Mails in Old Town.

The Following collectables include:

  • Racing Trophy's can be found in random places across the map, such as hunting towers and gas stations.
  • Flags make a return, but rather than being a plain white, are a golden color with black markings in the center.
  • Ceremonial Masks are found in any places that are used for worshiping the Mother.
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