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Cloak Potion is equipment that appears in Dying Light. It is a potion which makes you effectively invisible to the zombies for a short while without side effects, unlike the previous three potions you unlock from Dahlia the witch. It lasts around 30 seconds, making it one third the duration of Camouflage (which is about one and a half minutes); albeit a good alternative if zombies are too close to Camouflage safely, if there are no corpses to use, or if you simply don't have Camouflage unlocked yet. You can make it in batches of five, which require 4 herbs, 1 gauze, and 1 Bolter tissue for each batch, making it semi-expensive and a bit of a risk to obtain if you do not have a ranged weapon (especially a silent one such as the Bozak Bow or Ranger Bow). However it may pay off in situations where Camouflage is not an option.

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