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Chris Williams[1], better known as the Colonel, is a major background character in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Initially portrayed as the secondary antagonist of the game due to him being responsible for the chemicals still covering parts of Villedor 15 years ago and for his faction, the Renegades harassing and attacking the survivors of the city, it's revealed if Aiden chooses to believe the Colonel that he wasn't responsible for the attack on Frank Marwey that Jack Matt had actually done it to frame the Colonel, revealing Jack Matt as the real secondary antagonist of the game rather than the Colonel.

He wears a rugged trench coat plated with medals used in German and French military, alongside multiple layers of other clothing.


Fifteen years ago, Chris Williams made a fateful decision that had devastating results in an attempt to wipe the Harran Virus in the City. The result led to a revolution and made him known as "The Butcher". The Colonel is now hiding out in the dam with his men.[2]

The Colonel is the seemingly ruthless leader of a group of reaving ex-prisoners known as the Renegades.[3]

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Life in the Army[]

Chris Williams was a Colonel in the military force of Villedor. On December 16th, 2024, Captain Posner started an investigation on Jack Matt for Colonel Williams. Captain Posner was convinced that Major Matt was obsessed with killing Colonel Williams in order to hide the truth about him.