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Chests are a type of container in Dying Light.


Chests appear throughout Harran and are either red, yellow or green. It is not know whether the colours determine the rarity of the loot contained within. They often respawn when the player is out of the area along and restock their inventory.

Additionally chests can either be open immediately or are locked. Locked chests require lockpicks to open with difficulties ranging from Easy to Very Hard.

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Possible Contents[]

They commonly contain craft parts, such as string and metal parts, to aid the player in constructing and repairing weapons and such.

Red Chests[]

Yellow Chests[]

Green Chests[]

White Chests[]

  • Pouch

Ornate Chests[]

Ornate Chest 1
Ornate Chest 2

These chests are small wooden chests with a patterned design that only appear in Old Town.


Found throughout the vast city of Harran in both the Slums and Old Town. Chests can be found inside buildings or outside in the open world.