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"Chasing Past" is a side quest available in Dying Light.

You have to talk to Tariq , the mission is about the boy that he found and is a burden to him. He was promised help and the mission is to help him and the kid by uncovering the reason behind the child's traumatized state.

After entering the apartment, follow the clues untill you reach the basement. After retrieving Mike's Collar, Umar emerges from his room next to the workbench to attach you. After defeating him, enter the room to find the legendary blueprint God's Hammer.

After uncovering the truth, return to Tariq. He will give you the keys to the museum's basement, which can be accessed by an underwater tunnel. Inside are various weapons located in locked containers.


Tariq has rescued a young boy, who experienced some real trauma. The kid had a voice recorder with him - the only thing that could help me find out what happened to him. I should go to the place where he lived - at Dolma Street, 11/2 - and check it out on the spot.

  • Find the apartment at Dolma Street 11/2
  • Find clues in apartment 11/2
  • Search other apartments
It seems that Tom and Mike pretended to be detectives, searching for their missing father. Tom recorded everything he saw. In this recording he mentions a "Strange man" who lives in flat number three.
  • Check the basement
  • Search apartment 3 for basement keys
  • Investigate the basement
  • Kill the cannibal
  • Inform Tariq what has happened here
That poor kid walked right into the lair of a cannibal. Mike was the boy's dog. Both the dog and Tom's Father were killed by that monster. I hope Tariq will take good care of him. God knows they both need it. Hard to keep your sanity in these crazy days.
  • Find the reward
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