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"At first glance – a living rock. The Charger’s skin mutated from the chemical fallout to form a layer that resembles hardened lava."

Chargers, also known as Rampages, are a monster in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Let's Waltz![]

The Rampage is introduced during this quest.

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Chargers are monsters that have hard rock-like growths over its body, especially on the shoulders and head. As its name suggests, Chargers will attack Aiden by running into him with his hard growths, the impact knocking him down. However, when it is charging, Chargers cannot turn in any direction while charging, which has similarities to the Demolisher's charge attack. This allows one to dodge it rather easily, giving an opportunity to strike its weak point in the back.

Lower-level Chargers have tumerous growths covering their upper back, sides, and part of their legs and arms. As the player and subsequently the enemies level up, the Charger becomes engulfed in the rock-like tumors until it is like the living rock mentioned in its description. The highest level variants' face can barely be discerned from its growths.