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Cenk is a character featured in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light[]

He is a member of the Saviors, a group of armed survivors smuggling clients in between the Old Town and the Slums. He is located within a Safe Zone in the Cauldron, and after verifying his identity with Jade Aldemir, directs Kyle Crane to Hazan and his group in the sewers.

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Show: The Saviors

Cenk: "What do you want?"
Crane: "I'm looking for the Saviors."
Cenk: "Don't know what you're talking about."
Crane: "I'm one of Brecken's men. From the Tower."
Cenk: "I don't care where you're from. Get your ass outta here, or I will stop being so fucking polite."
Crane: "Listen, I know you're smuggling people out of the Slums. There's a girl who came through. Jade?"
Cenk: "I think you better get the hell out of here."
Crane: "Just listen! I cut Rais up, and now his whole goddamn gang is after me. I could use some cooperation here."
Cenk: "You? You're the one who chopped Rais's hand off?"
Crane: "Yeah. And now I have to get to Sector 0!"
Cenk: "What's your name?"
Crane: "Crane."
Cenk: "Well, Crane, you're in for some heartbreak if you think going to Sector 0 will get you off Rais's shit list. But... wait here."

After speaking to another Savior:

Cenk: "Come here. Okay. We'll get you to the other side."
Crane: "All right, when?"
Cenk: "Right now."
Crane: "What about payment?"
Cenk: "What you did to Rais - that's more than enough payment for us. Go to the collapsed that tunnel that led to Old Town. Knock at the door that leads to the sewers. Someone will take good care of you."
Crane: "Will do. Thanks."
Cenk: "Nah, man. Thank YOU."