Cease and Desist
Quest Source Erol Asani in the Slums School
Quest Type Side Quest
Difficulty Medium
Objectives *Go to the Slabs
*Find the walkie-talkie
*Get to 5 Gabriel Estate
*Find Karim
*Search the upper floors for Karim
*Return to Erol
*Find three cans of spray paint
*Go to the roof and use the paint to mark the chopper's landing pad
*Talk to Erol
*Recover Erol's duffel bag
*Get to the roof of the building
*Go check the roof
Reward 10,000 Survivor XP
Previous Siblings
Next N/A

"Cease and Desist" is a side quest available in Dying Light. It is offered by Erol Asani at the school in the Slums.


A small group of survivors have settled in the school. Their leader is Erol, the former Governor of the province. He says Rais has ordered his execution, and that a squad of his men are searching for him at the Slabs. Maybe I can catch them by surprise.


Objective icon
Go to the Slabs
Some of Rais's men have been killed by Infected. I can hear a voice coming over a walkie-talkie. It must be on one of the bodies.

Objective icon
Find the walkie-talkie
I've just gotten a message from Karim. He's still in the Slabs, at 5 Gabriel Estate.

Objective icon
Get to 5 Gabriel Estate
Objective icon
Find Karim
Objective icon
Search the upper floors for Karim
I found the guys who've been tracking Erol, and Karim was among them. Seems Karim was Erol's bodyguard, and that Erol lost his leg after being infected. More importantly, he said Erol has arranged for a copter to evac him out of Harran. Karim was hoping to be on it, but Erol doesn't want him. I'll have to talk to Erol again.

Objective icon
Return to Erol
Erol has his version of events and it all sort of makes sense. He's offered me a seat on the copter, and says he can get me through NCOR quarantine-whatever that is. We've got to mark our position with a big sign painted on the roof. I'll need to find paint. There was some scaffolding used to make murals at the Slabs. I should probably start looking there.

Objective icon
Find three cans of spray paint
I've got the paint. Now I should go back to the school and paint some marks on the roof.

Objective icon
Go to the roof and use the paint to mark the chopper's landing pad
Objective icon
Talk to Erol
Erol has stolen nearly $25 million from the bank. It's in a duffel bag in a school locker, and Erol's not leaving without it. I'll get it for him, but I'm not calling in the evac until I've finished my job here. I shouldn't need his help getting out of Harran, but it's not a bad idea to have a backup plan. Just in case.

Objective icon
Recover Erol's duffel bag
Erol was willing to fly me out, but the evac people knew who I was. Erol came up with the phony money story to keep me busy while he got his family out. Guess I can't really blame him. He says he left something for me on the roof. I should go up and have a look.

Objective icon
Get to the roof of the building
Objective icon
Go check the roof


  • Within the marked area, the paint can be found:
    • On the south-east corner of the scaffolding, one floor up from ground.
    • On the south-west scaffolding, accessible from a ladder on the roof.
    • On the roof in the south-east corner.
  • To paint the roof, stand near the objective markers, look at your feet, and you should see a prompt.
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