Below is a list of crafting components that are used throughout Dying Light to create useful pieces of equipment such as Medkits, Boosters, and other Blueprints. Specifically for The Following DLC there are also buggy component crafting materials.

Item Name Tier Value

Bolter Tissue

Orange 1000
Synthetic Purple 1000
Electronics Purple 160
Lubricants Blue 500
Power Cable


Rubber Green 200
Steel Tubing Green 200
Wire Green 200
Aerosol Green 40
Batteries Green 40
Blade Green 40
Bomber Kidney Green 10
Chemicals Green 40
Fluorescent Shrooms Green 50
Gauze Green 80
Tin Can Green 40
Toxic Lichen Green 50
Screws Grey 50
Alcohol Grey 20
Duct Tape Grey 20
Dulse Grey 10
Herb Grey 10
Household Supplies Grey 20
Metal Parts Grey 20
Nails Grey 20
Painkillers Grey 20
Plastic Grey 20
String Grey 20
Syringe Grey 20
Underwater Algae Grey 25

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