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Camouflage Grease being applied.

"Thick and oily, it smells like rotting flesh, but it makes you invisible to Infected for a short time."
Item description

Camouflage Grease is a consumable and a blueprint in Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties.


Camouflage Grease will hide the user from infected for the duration given by its level, which is useful when trying to get past large groups of infected.


The blueprint for camouflage grease is obtained as a quest reward for completion of the side quest "The Gilded Cage".

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Crafting Cost[]

  • 1 Honey
  • 3 Infected Trophy (Rare)

Blueprint upgrades[]

This shows what gets upgraded at what level. When there is an upgrade it's noted, otherwise the stat further up in the column stands. Some stats might not be available from level 1, but at a higher blueprint level.

Level Duration Amount Produced
Level 1 10s 1
Level 2 20s
Level 3 30s
Level 4 40s
Level 5 50s
Level 6 60s
60s 1

Blueprint upgrade cost[]

To upgrade the blueprint at a Craftmaster a number of Infected Trophies (Unique) are needed. An amount of Mutation samples and Old World Money are also required.

Level IT Unique Mutation samples Old World Money
Level 1
Level 2 1 800 150
Level 3 1 1200 400
Level 4 3 1700 800
Level 5 3 2300 1000
Level 6 5 3000 1500
13 9000 3850


  • The animation for applying Camouflage Grease is the same animation used for the "Camouflage" skill in Dying Light.