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"Camouflage" is a Survival skill available in Dying Light.

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REQUIRES: Survival Level 9
PRE-REQUISITE: Crafting Expertise

Learn how to use dead bodies to camouflage yourself from the infected.


This skill coats you in zombie guts, tricking enemies into ignoring you as they would other zombies. The player can use this ability by holding 'V' over the corpse of a zombie. This ability cannot be used more than once on the same corpse, and cannot be used with Gas Tank infected. 

It lasts for 45 seconds, regardless of if the player is moving, standing still, swinging their weapon, grapple-hooking, etc. The only thing which decreases the duration is sprinting (it lasts 24 seconds if fully sprinting the entire time), and being submerged in water (instantly washes the effect off). Once the player acquires "Ultimate survivor" (level 25 survivor skill), the duration is doubled to 90 seconds maximum.

Oddly, while under the effects of camouflage, the player is granted a potent night vision (especially useful in pitch-black conditions). 

Tip: When activated, your character will perform an animation which smears guts on-screen, obstructing your view. Dashing or jumping just beforehand will cancel the animation, keeping your view clear while still granting you the full benefits of the camouflage.