The Following 6

A somewhat upgraded Buggy with a paint job.

The Buggy is a vehicle unlocked at the beginning of The Following DLC for Dying Light.

Players can use the buggy to travel across The Countryside quickly and mow down enemies in their path. It has its own separate skill tree, and weapons, including spikes, flamethrowers, UV lights, electrical cages and other upgrades that can be added to the buggy to increase its combat abilities. The buggy's performance and efficiency are affected by factors including the power of its suspension, engine, and brakes. Players can also choose from 40+ different paint jobs to customize their car, and must collect fuel in order to drive the buggy.


The buggy first becomes available at Jasir's Farm during the opening quest of The Following DLC. To gain access to the buggy you must progress through the quest to the point that Kaan tells you its location. From there it will be available at any safe house through the use of the Buggy Recall system. If at any point you're unable to find your vehicle then using the survivor sense will provide an icon showing the distance and direction to your buggy.

Buggy Components

Keeping the buggy up and running requires the player to craft and repair components to be added to five separate slots in the modify menu. The components are: Suspension, Brakes, Traction, Turbo, and Engine; they range from level 1 to 5 and the additional 'experimental' category which is effectively level 6. Each part affects a different aspect of the buggy's performance and each consecutive level increases the respective stat.

Crafting new and repairing existing components requires an array of new crafting materials such as; Screws, Wire, Rubber, Lubricants, and Synthetic. These materials can be found by searching vehicles across The Countryside, bought from stores, taken from quartermasters, looted from chests, and some laying around in plain view.


XP in the Driver Skill is gained by mowing down infected, completing certain challenges and bounties, performing jumps, and simply by driving around the world. As you level the Driver Skill you will gain access to a range of passive and active skills which allow you to customise your buggy. The mechanic level upgrades unlock the ability to craft and install higher level buggy components.

Driver Skill Tree

Fully unlocked driver skill tree.

Other skills unlock:

  • Nitro
  • Car Alarm
  • Remote Control
  • Reinforced Cage
  • Mine Dispenser
  • Ramming Bar
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • UV Headlights
  • UV Safe Zone
  • Offroad Suspension
  • Handyman
  • Electric Cage
  • Flamethrower

Cosmetic Upgrades

In addition to the practical upgrades that improve the performance and physical capabilities of the buggy there are also a variety of cosmetic upgrades that allow players to change the buggy to their own personal tastes. There are 40+ paint jobs, 6 bobbleheads, and 4 charms available across the Countryside.

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