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"Brutal Grapple" is an Agility skill in Dying Light.


As one of the skills that upgrades an existing ability, Brutal Grapple surprisingly does not simply increase damage, mainly because the skill itself deals no damage. Instead it guarantees that any enemy that is Grappled will be knocked down unless they hit a solid vertical surface like a wall. As such, it instead increases the ability's versatility and allows a number of new tricks to be used which will be explained below


  • As expected, this can now allow players to kill of grappled enemy with the Stomp skill
  • Grappling Virals and Night Walkers is now viable provided the player can react fast enough as they can get up very quickly
  • Due to its limitation, avoid using it in tight halls or indoor spaces as enemies knocked onto walls can lean on them for support
  • Since Gas Tanks can be grappled, this gives another method of safely disposing them as they are immune to Takedown
  • Still doesn't work on Bombers


  • This is one of the few ability upgrades that adds a special effect to the ability instead of a flat damage or range boost