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Brakes are a craftable item available in The Following DLC that is installed on the player's buggy.

This component improves the buggy's braking statistic.


Brake parts, like all other buggy components, are available in five levels as unlocked via the Mechanic upgrade in Driver Skills.

GameSpot Expert Reviews

Level 1[]

  • Requires: 3 Screws
  • Braking: 40

Level 2[]

Level 3[]

Level 4[]

Level 5[]

Experimental Brakes[]

The blueprint for the experimental part can be found inside the military container which is located at the military outpost towards the south east of the map, follow the train track that stretches the length of The Countryside and the outpost is at the southernmost point. To unlock the container you must have first picked up the military keycard from Jasir.