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¨If you let it get close, its body, bloated with corpse fluids and toxic liquid, will burst, pouring acid over you. However, this is not a deliberate attack: the Suicider does not know it will explode but runs to people in the hope they will somehow break its agony.¨

Bombers are an uncommon Infected-type in Dying Light and returned as monster in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


This particular type of infected is noted for its exposed organs and its shambling jog. Its behavior is not unlike common infected, like Biters, but one major difference between it and them is that the bomber picks up speed and begins to convulse[1] whenever non-infected humans are within proximity.

Whether this infected type manages to get close enough to the player character or is shot from a distance, the result always ends with the infected type's body exploding, blinding the player character with its coagulated blood.[1]

The bomber not only explodes when in the vicinity of another player but also will explode if the player is within its view but cannot reach him, this explosion calls in Virals who are quite capable of climbing up to attack you generally in groups of 3—4 showing that the bomber has another role as well as a siren calling in dangerous zombies.

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Dying Light[]

The Bomber of Dying Light is a male wearing a t-shirt and jogger shorts. These normal looking clothes are a stark contrast to the rest of it however. The Bomber appears to have had it's entire thoracic cavity torn open, whether by another infected or the following fact is unknown. Its exposed internal organs are grossly enlarged, pulsating and are bursting out of its body. The Bomber can be heard and identified by its choked, whimpering sounds of pain and a pulsating, throbbing sort of sound. When approached, the organs will begin pulsating wildly and the Bomber will scream in agony as it does its namesake, leaving behind a mess of organs.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human[]

The Bomber of Dying Light 2 is still as dangerous as ever, but has a changed appearance due to the altered viral strain. This Bomber only wears torn pants as opposed to the shirt and shorts of its Harran cousin. Rather than having exposed pulsating organs, this variant is very bloated, and is covered with huge glowing boils that glow dimly in the dark. These massive lumps cover nearly its entire body and heavily disfigure it and seem to hold its volatile fluids. The Bomber is also missing it's left hand. It can be heard making retching sounds. When close to a survivor, the Bomber will clench its chest and emit paniced whales as it pressure builds within. Survivors have 4 seconds to get out of its 7m blast radius before it explodes. The resulting explosion leaves the upper torso behind.


Dying Light[]

Bombers explode immediately when damaged. This makes attacking them with a melee weapon fatal regardless of health, as well as even kicking them. Throwing a weapon (even a broken one) or using firearms are by far the safest way to eliminate a bomber, though a more direct method is possible simply by Vaulting over them, or just running straight past them. If you Vault over them when other zombies are nearby, you'll clear most of them and they'll be destroyed in the explosion. You can also coax one to explode by allowing it to get close and then dodging backwards out of the radius, once it starts to convulse.

Bombers are typically very quiet, until about to explode. They are also invisible on the minimap as well as via Survivor Sense. Pay close attention to your surroundings at all times after they are introduced. If you see one approaching you during a fight, either try to hit it from afar before it can get close, or run away immediately.

Remember that Bombers attract Virals after exploding. Seek high ground immediately after setting one off, so you can combat the resulting virals easier, without getting flanked and overwhelmed by biters.

The explosion is strong enough to wipe out biters and toads within range. It can also knock down virals already present, allowing you a small time window to attack them safely. It can also knock nearby goons and demolishers off balance, as well as severely damage them.

Shields can fully negate damage from the explosion at the cost of a heavy durability loss, best used in dire situations where you won't escape the explosion or when encountered indoors. On a similar note, Losing them seems to block the damage as well, as shown during the cutscene when Crane encounters his first Bomber during a mission in a tunnel.

Another effective way to deal with bomber is throwing firecrackers. Bombers are drawn by firecrackers like normal enemies and will explode near the firecrackers as if the firecrackers is the player itself. Molotov Cocktails will make the bomber explode immediately. A high risk way of dealing with the bomber in co-op is to have a designated sacrifice, and use them to explode the bomber, saving the other players who can later revive the sacrifice.

Bombers can be safely detonated from a distance by using a grappling hook. Be careful not to grapple the ground near it as it will probably get you killed.

Shining a flashlight on a bomber will cause one to explode even if the player was not detected by said infected. Therefore, it is advised to avoid using a flashlight in areas where a bomber is suspected to be present.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human[]

Similar to Dying Light it is not wise to attack them in melee and they have extremely low health (so low a single throwing knife kills them)

It is possible to kill them before they blow up by decapitating them, allowing you to claim an infected trophy.

If near a goon, the goon can actually knock the Bomber on its back, causing it to explode after a few seconds.


  • In Dying Light Bombers are introduced in the story quest Pact with Rais. Once the first Bomber has been encountered during the "Meet the courier at the tunnel entrance" objective, they will begin to appear throughout Harran. However, they can still appear at Quarantine Zones such as Bright Mountain Tunnel even before their introduction in the said mission.
  • In Dying Light 2 Stay Human Bombers are introduced during the VNC Tower climbs during the mission "X". They are however rarely seen elsewhere.
  • In Dying Light 2, Aerial Takedown can be used to kill a Bomber without blowing up. However, there is little point in doing this as they will not drop any loot.
  • Dying Light 2 Bombers can oddly have a extremely small chance to be knocked back by very weak melee weapons.


  • Crane appears to dislike Bombers more than other infected, upon encountering one, he can occasionally say: "The exploding ones, fucking perfect."
  • Freezing Throwing Stars will preserve the Bomber's full character model after denotation.
  • Its behavior is very similar to the Suicider in Techland's Dead Island, due to its attraction to the players character and exploding after a few short seconds, or when dying.
  • They have a chance to not explode and try to get closer uncommonly.