Bobbleheads are cosmetic upgrades for the buggy vehicle which was added to Dying Light with The Following.

There are 6 bobbleheads currently found by the community across The Countryside, with more potentially hidden or not yet common knowledge.


Name Look Location/Requirements Map
Bilal Bobblehead
Located at Bilals Gas Station safe zone,

on the table behind him inside.

Ezgi Bobblehead
Located in the attic of Jasirs house.
Jasir Bobblehead
Camper Trailer at the Silas Motors

Salesman / Safezone.

Ray McCall
Ray McCall Bobblehead
Located at the water tower just east of the Plane Crash Site. On the ledge at the top, right above the cardboard.
Tahir Bobblehead
Located at the hunting tower just south of the antenna Safezone.
Zombie Bobblehead
Found at the Bandit camp where the buggy

is first found within the safe house.

Specifically located on the desk across from

the Bed.

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