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Awyman13 Awyman13 1 August 2020

Your New Fandom Wiki Manager

Hello everyone! My name is Awyman13 and I have replaced Emptylord as the Fandom Wiki Manager for the . I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, styling, infoboxes, templates, etc., please contact me on my message wall.

Here are some handy links for help with wiki features:

  • Galleries, Slideshows, and Sliders—ways to present images.
  • Tabbers—a tabbed interface to organize information.
  • Portable Infoboxes—concise presentation of data that works on mobile devices too.
  • Community CSS and JavaScript—more customization options.

--awyman13 (Talk/Work) 04:43, August 1, 2020 (UTC)

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Ethanm328881 Ethanm328881 25 April 2020

we cant add stuff to the game

its not our game

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Kierandoherty4795 Kierandoherty4795 9 March 2020


Plz add diffrent bullet affects like explosive,incendary,piercing,freezing and toxic

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Kierandoherty4795 Kierandoherty4795 9 March 2020

Plz add c4 in dying light following somewhere hardcore to find i missed the event

Plz put c4 somewhere in the following plz i missed the event if ya cant do that make a code for it plz. also i love your game dying light you rock also add the computer desktop custom maps on to xbox one 👍😉

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SilveryMystery SilveryMystery 5 September 2018

Where's le bad blood wiki page

where's le wiki page

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Kayaus95 Kayaus95 16 November 2017

Reaching Legend Rank 250 Under 1 Hour

This method is meant to ludicrously enhance the speed of grinding a player's Legend Rank from weeks or months to one simple hour. This method is made up of a couple glitches that requires the capability to play online with others and the involvement of duplicating Disaster Relief Packages (DRPs). It can be performed at the beginning of the game once you are able to retrieve DRPs, but it is highly recommended that you reach maximum Survivor Rank before doing so as it will take more time. You can use this glitch for reaching both maximum Survivor Rank and maximum Legend Rank, but not at the same time as all achieved experience will go to only one skill tree at a time.

Below is a small chart of how much experience is granted with each DRP that…

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 11 December 2016

Hiatus for a while

Heyo everyone... Werewolf here.

I'm just going to make this short and sweet, but... I'm going to be taking a hiatus again from this place... but for a really, really long time. At this point, this is when Techland is going to be supposidly stop working on improving the game and honestly like the one blog I mentioned I feel like the game is downgraded worse at this point since I'm sure that the Legendary Leveling and bullet sponges haven't been fixed in the game.

Aside from this, and the fact that I've been dealing with reality and focusing also on other games I either haven't tried yet or haven't finished, I'll be once again taking a long ass break from this place. In the meantime, if anyone wants to monitor the place and keep an eye out on …

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 24 August 2016

I'm Back!

Hey everyone, it's Werewolf here and I'm back! Back from the dead and ready to party!

Soon, I will be uploading more weapon images, starting with the knives and I'm going to be finishing the weapons pages once and for all. Anyhow, hope things have been good around here, and I do hope to see some people still helping out over here. ^^

- Werewolf

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 21 July 2016

Status - July 2016

Hey everyone, it's Werewolf here.

Now as you've been noticing, I've been making a lot of the weapon images for Dying Light and well... I have a status about what's going to be happening on the wiki here.

While I do plan on continuing with the weapon pages, I'm going to be honest and I'm going to be taking a break for at least a month (I'd be coming back here around mid August to do some more work) and here's the reasons why.

  • 1. Me being the only one here.

With a lot of people leaving the wiki for respectable reasons why, I am going to be staying here like always... but as I start to think about it, I think I'd like to take at least a break on here is because it's now starting to become a bit difficult without a lot of people working on here an…

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 10 May 2016

What Happened to Everyone?

Hey guys, Stoner Marty aka WerewolfNightmare here and I got a question for you all... and that is, where the flipping hell did everybody go?

I remember back in February 2016, the wiki's new changes and works from everyone helped out to a great start... but now I feel it's like pre-February again with the wiki now mostly empty and me being one of the only ones active on here.

What happened? Where did everybody go? Man, the wiki's now mostly quiet and I honestly wished some of you guys that big time helped out came back to continue with this wiki. I can totally understand if everybody's been busy with their lives and all, and that's cool with me, it's just I still did wish there was more than just me still active on here though.

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 1 May 2016

Volatiles for XP section - Keep or No?

Hey guys, it's your great o' WerewolfNightmare here again.

Now recently, I'd take a look back at the Volatile page, and I noticed that there's a farming for Volatile XP section of the page.

This has been on the wiki ever since around the time the game first released back in 2015, but I thought about it and personally I feel that the XP section should be removed. The reason I'd say this is because I feel it kind of ruins the format of most Dying Light pages and honestly I'm up into deleting the section, but what are your thoughts about it?

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 22 April 2016

What If? Weapon Rarity and Stats Idea

Hey guys, it's Werewolf here. As you can see from the title, this is a What If? journal, meaning that this is where you are able to express ideas about could help the game become stronger and better, hypothetically or being a possible suggestion.

Today, my thoughts are being presented about how I imagined the weapons system in the game being presented with its RPG elements. This covers about the melee weapons and firearms rarity and stats with logical sense as you will see below. Keep in mind this is just my thoughts, but feel free to comment below about what can be added onto here for ideas.

  • 1 Melee Weapons
    • 1.1 Axes
    • 1.2 Bats
    • 1.3 Blades
    • 1.4 Cleavers
    • 1.5 Crowbars
    • 1.6 Hammers
    • 1.7 Hatchets
    • 1.8 Knives
    • 1.9 Machetes
    • 1.10 Picks
    • 1.11 Pipes
    • 1.12 Police Baton
    • 1.13 Shovels
    • 1.14 Si…

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Oscar5322 Oscar5322 21 April 2016

DLC Not Included in the Season Pass

As of recent,Techland released 4 new DLC not included in the season pass. For some of you, this may not seem like a big deal. To me, I feel like I was lied to and deceived. What I want to know is how you feel regarding this?

And before you say "Dev's need money though" - they shouldn't lie to thier players and fan base then. A "DLC Bundle Pack" is more accurate sounding than a "Season Pass." When I bought the season pass, I thought I was getting a pass on all upcoming DLC for this season.

UPDATE: I have recived a reply from Techland with a basic explination. The Season pass is good for the previous 2015 season. If that is true, I am hoping that they release a season pass for this current season. 

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 14 April 2016

Challenges and Escorts - Combined or Standalone

While working on the Quests page, I was wondering if Challenges and Escorts should be separate pages on their own, or combined together with the Quests page. Any thoughts? ^^

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Oscar5322 Oscar5322 12 April 2016

Overflow of Pages

Part 1 (There are so many that I'm breaking this up into multiple parts)

Suprise Suprise, I'm not dead!

I'm actually here to talk about a fairly important issue. Too many pages. I've discussed this before, but no one has really "done" anything about it. I feel however that it is time to get rid of some pages, thanks to WerewolfNightmare and his incredible weapon pages that he makes. I mean, look at all of these http://dyinglight.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Melee_Weapons 

Below is a list of pointless weapon pages that we don't need. 

Dark Machete , Panga Machete , Camo Machete

Falls under the Machete page

Leave the Korek Machete , Korek Machete V2 , and Rebel Machete due to thier uniqueness?

Medival Long Sword , Merciless Long Sword , Remarkable Mediv…

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 23 March 2016

Current focus for me

(March 23, 2016)

Hey everyone!

So you're wondering, what's with the title?

Well, right now I'm actually going to be working on re-editing the current firearms renders I currently have on the wiki. These renders being the German 9mm Pistol, the American 9mm Pistol, Rais's Gun, and the Double-Barrel Shotgun. Now, the reason why this is going to be one of the biggest focuses right now is not only because I cannot decide what to do with the other melee weapons being the Table Leg, Nailed Bludgeon, Planks, etc. (In other words, I don't know what to place these weapons under), but I noticed that the firearms images are a bit edged.

What I'm trying to say, is that the weapon outlines on the firearms are very jagged and edgy, and look pretty crappy in…

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 20 March 2016

Hey guys! Got some news!

A couple of days ago, I went to Chapters and I got two books. You may be wondering, what's so special about that?

Well, aside from getting a book about the film Zootopia (honestly, I really love that film), I got a book about Dying Light. That book about Dying Light, is the Dying Light Official Game Guide.

When I was reading the guide, there's actually some things I noticed that not only could be very helpful for the wiki, but there's some things that were in the guide that weren't in the game.

For example, I noticed about three or four firearms different than in the final game, and one of them not in the game at all.

  • The German 9mm Pistol in the Guide looks more akin to an USP than a P226/USP hybrid. Also, the pistol didn't have the barrel sight…
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Phontharit Phontharit 17 March 2016

Should we remove it?

Becaused a lot of people who didn't sign up to this wikka I afraid that might have something bad and it happen Crayons for the Kids I have an idea that might be useful

1)not allow the unregister to have permission to this wikka 2)check everyone edit

That's may be useful or useless.....

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 12 March 2016

Weapon Page Stubs - Redirect or Delete?

I had been thinking, I seen a lot of the weapon stubs and I was wondering, do you guys think it's best that those stubs are redirected to the type pages that they are (ex. Military Machete page redirected to the Machete page) or do you guys want them deleted?

I'll set up a poll for what you guys think. ^^

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Oscar5322 Oscar5322 10 March 2016

Where are we headed?

We need a dicrection. As of right now, we are a rag-tag group of guys working on random articles. We need to start somewhere, and focus our attention. The question is, where do we do that?

If we start with the base game, one of the things we should work on is a basic walk-through. I know I had an issue on the Siblings quest as to finding where the second bomb went (I didn't get that I had to go down to go up). There was nowhere I could go for help. If we want to bring in new players, we should focus on making it accesible to them.

However, if we want to focus on new content, we should continue what we are doing. Miscelaneous research, improving random pages, etc. But we will need somewhere to start at one point. 

Take pride in this Wiki runne…

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Thollos Thollos 6 March 2016

Playing with the source editor: cliffnotes edition.

Making this blog post as a space for taking notes.  I know almost nothing about wikia's markup language, so I'm going to play it by ear; this post will be used as a quick reference sheet for me to come back to, because nobody got time to be lookin that up every other day yo.

If anyone has something to add to it, leave it in the comments and I'll add it to the post!

= FF6602

Thanks to NinjaFatGuy for having this on his user page, transcribing it here to consolidate any information I'd need.

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 5 March 2016

I got promoted to Admin!

Yep, that's right guys. The awesome news has finally arrived.

I was promoted Admin by wiki founder NinjaFatGuy.

Man I'm so happy right now! Thanks to Ninja, now the wiki will be hopefully even BETTER than currently is. Man, this really made me so happy! I'd love to give Ninja a hug all thanks to this! :D 

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Gearsofhalowarfare Gearsofhalowarfare 5 March 2016

RE: The Following Story/Side Quest Pages

My main focus on the wiki the past couple of days has been getting The Following story/side quest pages up to scratch, I've hit a bit of a wall with the categorisation though and wanted some input. Until now all the story/side quests have been within the two obvious category names: Story Quests and Side Quests. But I figured it might be a bit easier for someone looking through if they were separated into something like: "The Following Quests" or possibly more specifically "The Following Story Quests" and "The Following Side Quests".

Since our ability to delete things is somewhat limited at the moment I thought it better to get input first before just going ahead. Thoughts?

Off-topic - since there's only the four of us really active I went a…

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Oscar5322 Oscar5322 4 March 2016


One of our issues is that we have the information, we have the people, but we don't have a template or standard to run certain items by. As a result, we have pages such as the Fastball Blueprint and the SuperNova blueprint (But this one was recently found so it gets alot of slack)

I would be happy to make some basic templates, unless you guys feel that we should stick with resreach rather than polishing right now. (I need to start pulling my weight at some point)

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Oscar5322 Oscar5322 3 March 2016

Better Form of Communication

So with the recent increase of improvement and usage of this wiki (Mostly by us 4) I feel that we need a better way to communicate. Comments on a blog post aren't the best way, but they work for the basic necessities. I know that there is also a chat on this wiki, but none of us are ever on at the same time. I've decided to include my steam profile in my profile description (or here if you're lazy) because with Steam it is easier to send messages and to do "research" ingame with help.

If any of you get bored in dying light playing solo (I know I do) send me a friend request. 

To use a poll extenstion, simply use the following format. (Replace the Brackets [ ] with < >)

[poll] Title of Poll

option 1

option 2



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Thollos Thollos 3 March 2016

A quick reminder

Hey guys, with all the housecleaning that's been going on over the past couple months, I wanted to remind (inform?) y'all that you can mark a page for deletion using delete| within brackets (I'd do an example of the format, but when I tried with the original post it created the template... I'm the smartest), with replaced with whatever reasoning you had for marking the page in the first place.  I've been using "Housecleaning" as my reasoning, since pretty much every time I use the random page option it drops me into a barebones article for a specific weapon variant.

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Thollos Thollos 29 February 2016

Cleaning up the locations

Hey guys, I've been going through the locations category group, and I'm realizing a lot of the information is poorly formatted, incomplete, or just plain wrong.  I've always loved the world Techland has built within the game, and there's a lot of info hidden within the game's dialogue and quest log.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to format the pages?  My preference is to make it as lore-friendly as possible, writing it from the world's perspective, rather than focused on gameplay.  That being said, has anyone come across a map of the different areas?  How should I cite sources that are primarily within the game?

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 28 February 2016

Question about Weapon Pages

Currently (February 28, 2016), there has been 5 weapon pages made, including 3 that I have made (those being the Machete, Cleaver, and Bat pages).

Now, I was set into creating a weapons page for Knives and Hammers, but I was wondering about something. In the game, knives for example have two types, one being short and the other being just knives. I was wondering, should the two types be seperate pages, or should be combined together?

And also, if combined together, should we also combine the Hatchet page with the Axes page, or should we just leave hatchets as seperate? What do you guys think?

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Oscar5322 Oscar5322 27 February 2016

A lot of Improvement!

Wow, talk about progress. First off, I'd like to thank Alex Lioce for his many edits and abundance of information added to much lacking pages. I'd also like to give a shoutout to Gearsofhalowarfare for his additions of much needed links and descriptions to many pages.

We've seen alot of good progress. And now with a Candidate for Deletion page, I'd like to start condensing pages. Things such as the Halva page dont really need thier own page, do they? We even have the Consumables page that has more information about Halva than the Halva page itself. 

I'd like to also point out that I am no admin or mod of this wiki, I'm just trying to steer certain things in the right direction I hope. If amy of you disagree with my ideas, please say so, and …

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Jacknox420 Jacknox420 24 February 2016

E3 gameplay and outfits

During the demo gameplay as Antoine you can see what we would expect from the gameplay so I really would like to know if the creators could put that gameplay, graphics, and outfit into the game. And the dropkick move and tackle move look so much better in the E3 and it would be very awesome if they added and updated that into the game as well as the zombies I liked the nighttime gameplay when the zombies eyes turned orange everything looked awesome int the demo so if ANYBODY can get this to the creators of dying light and convince them to add that stuff in game that would be so helpfu l for ps4, xbox, abd pc we would have " Every zombie killer's REAL dream come true."

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Oscar5322 Oscar5322 21 February 2016

The Lack of Info

Let me preface by saying that I only recently bought Dying Light, and completely enjoyed it. That being said, I can usually rely on the Wikia community for good reliabe information.

I only recently came here to the Dying Light Wikia looking for info and data on the game. What a sad dissapointment this is. With the release of The Following and more DLC on the way, I am going to challenge myself to add more to pages. More often than not, I see just a page along the lines of "Character/ Weapon" appears within the game "Dying Light". 

Really? Thats the best we can do? Not a short description of location, relevance to side quests or main quests, anything helpful? So I am going to replay all of the game that I can, adding more info and data to any…

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Dying Light Assassin Dying Light Assassin 16 February 2016

This is what I do when facing Rais's men

This is what I do. So I try to make as much noise as possible. Why? Guess. Are you correct? I am trying to attract Virals to kill them for me. That way, I can just sit there and laugh at them. Once, I attracted Biters, Virals, and a Demolisher. One man was so stupid that he fought the Demolisher! You know what happened? Squish! His head got squished by the rock! But afterwards, I had to kill the Demolisher. Another encounter was that the men had guns! Technically, they were doing the “Viral attracting” work for me. Afterwards, I killed the Virals and guess what? More came, for no reason. “The freaking battle was over, dumbheads!” I thought in my head. Ah, the good times. I'll still do it. More reports coming soon!

Dying Light Assassin 00:58…

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Jim Logan Jim Logan 16 February 2016


Hello Runners, I just have a quick question, if I purchase Dying Light Enhanced Edition, does that include The Following, or would I also need to purchase that, as it's listed as an add-on in the PlayStation store. Any and all advice would be a life saver as I don't have the funds to spend $90 on a game and DLC this month.

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Alex Lioce Alex Lioce 28 January 2016

Two page suggestions.

Hello, it's Werewolf here, and today I would like to talk about two page ideas for this wiki. You don't have to agree with most of them, but do give your thoughts about it and leave it in the comment section below. ^^

The first suggestion is making a Cut Content page for the wiki. This includes changed or removed concepts or stuff that was not present in the final product. The page will cover anything cut or changed from 2013 to 2015 before its release date. If you have noticed anything in the older videos that wasn't in the game, then the Cut Content page is for you.

The other and last suggestion is instead of just creating seperate pages for the weapons, have all the types of weapons combined together. What I'm trying to say is something like …

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Sabrina.Crane Sabrina.Crane 3 January 2016

My Taste for Dying Light

Dying Light is on of my favorite video games. It's not just the violence I like, it's Kyle Crane. Volatiles and Night Walkers may creep me out but that doesn't stop me from liking this awesome video game. I like calling the Infected names like “BirdBrain” or “A Walking Piece of Meat”. I'm also like, “Come on, don't be chicken. Come at me.” to Virals who keep stand there growling at me. Isn't that dumb? I can't wait for the February update to come out!

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Delta Force Tom Delta Force Tom 15 May 2015


in the editor I found meshes for a lot of unused guns a tec9, an UZI/MP7 hybrid, 3 pump action and semi auto shotguns, a military rife with stock of a police rife and a 44.mag style revolver. dose this mean guns where supposed to play a bigger part like dead island if so why where they cut. most meshes didn't have models to go with them but one shotgun and the military rifle with solid stock did, is there any way to make textures and models for these meshes. or will they be forever forgotten. Personally id love to have guns play a bigger part as its a great game and its let down by the fact guns aren't as viable as melee. so lets skip the anti gun people saying this game is more about melee blah, blah, blah I know this but It looks like g…

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Ethan Wood Ethan Wood 23 February 2015

Please release for Mac!

Please release this game for Macs! I have one, so I can't get the game. As I'm a fan of this game, I would obviously want to buy it, which I can't. PLEASE RELEASE FOR MAC!!

To my knowledge (I don't know much though), Macs and PCs aren't that different in compatibility, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem... I hope?

Anyway. again, please release for Macs.

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Tan Zhong Sheng Tan Zhong Sheng 8 February 2015

Rules & Policies

Here's the rules

  • No spam
  • No Abusive Language, except Damn, Goddamn and What the Hell
  • No troll messages or comments
  • No violent comments or messages
  • Do not talk very rudely 
  • Respect with the others user (such as normal user, anonymous user and administrators)
  • No sex messages or comments
  • Do not post nonsense messages or comments, this will result a banish. 
  • Administrators will warn some users if they do something wrong, if they ignore it by continue their behavior, they will be ban
  • No harassment comments or messages
  • Administrator can also be ban if they do something wrong
  • Please post something with a good grammars, terrible grammars will result a warning
  • No VANDALISM: Like you edit some source of errors edit on pages. 
  • Comedy messages are not allowed. 
  • LOL …
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Tan Zhong Sheng Tan Zhong Sheng 6 February 2015

Needed to add some rules............

I need someone else to add some rules so every single user could possibly follow it so they can improve their personality. I don't like to see someone else swearing, spamming and make a bad edit. If someone can added it. Congraluations, you have make the rules in this wiki! 

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ScienceGuy44 ScienceGuy44 3 February 2015

Fanon Wiki?

Got to ask, but is there a fanon wiki for this game yet? It's my point of view that Dying Light is absolutely ripe for fanon, or at least seems that way, and could very easily be exploited. New characters, zombie types, factions, weapons and, even, locations, all could be made and expanded upon by the community at large. If anyone knows whether a fanon wiki already exists or not, I'm sincerely hoping for the former, please inform me.

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Raylan13 Raylan13 9 June 2014

E3 Live Discussion

E3 is finally here! All week long we'll be covering the gaming world, and each night at 4:00 pm PST we'll be shooting some video featuring those of us that were lucky enough to attend, as well as some hard working Wikians.

We'd like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation for gaming fans to let us know what they want to hear discussed. Is it a particular developer's panel? A new game? Updates for an existing, beloved game? Maybe you hoped to hear about another game entirely! Whatever the topic, go ahead and let us know what interests you the most, and we'll make sure to include it in our list of topics from other communities.

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Doctor Malfatto Doctor Malfatto 3 October 2013

What are you looking forward to most in dying light?

I personally am excited for just jumping from rooftops, and being able to choose how you execute your missions, and I think the beginning stage zombies are going to be cool because they still have a few human qualities.

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 16 July 2013

Dying Light

Dying Light is the newest take on zombies by the studio that brought us Dead Island.. The game is set to release for next gen consoles as well as current gen. What are you looking forward to most?

I really enjoy the day/night contrast and approach to gameplay, and I can see a lot of tension being built upon the savagaging/survival  balance. 

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