The Black Serpent Bazaar is a location and Safe Zone featured in Dying Light. It is located in the Slums of Harran, a couple blocks west of the Tower.
Black Serpent Bazaar

The Black Serpent Bazaar.

Events of Dying Light

A portion of the bazaar was turned into a safe zone, thanks to the wrought iron fence surrounding several of the buildings and stalls. Inside are several survivors who have gathered in safety. Some of the survivors offer side-quests for Kyle Crane to complete, earning rewards.

Dahlia, a mystic woman and self-proclaimed witch, sends Kyle to retrieve black mushrooms from a nearby cave.

Volcan is a runner from the Tower jealous of the attention Crane receives, and offers a series of challenges to prove which of them is superior.


The bazaar is comprised of various low-lying shacks which are surrounded by metal fencing. Several people live there, as shown by various beds which can be seen scattered in different locations within the compound.The stone and metal barriers protect the survivors from potential zombie attacks, particularly against volatiles who will be repelled by the massive UV lights which light-up the area. However, unlike other safe zones, this one allows the player to sleep straight outside, which is relatively rare. Perhaps the other defences and number of survivors inhabiting the bazaar make outside sleeping a safe activity.

Known survivors

  • Aziz - An associate of Ryan, a drug producer.
  • Dahlia - A self-proclaimed witch.
  • Gerritsen - A tourist who remains at the bazaar briefly.
  • Volcan - A jealous runner from the Tower with a challenge for Crane.




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