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"Adrian, a bird watcher, asked me to install a speaker atop the radio tower. He wants to use sound to attract a sparrowhawk."
Quest description

Birdwatching is a Survivor Side Quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


Objective icon
Set up the speaker on the Radio Tower.
I climbed the radio tower and found a sparrowhawk nest there. Adrian suggested that I leave it alone. If the birds were returning, the concentration of airborne chemicals must have had dropped!


While on a rooftop in central Downtown, just south of the Downtown Court Metro Station, a man named Adrian can be found. Adrian is fascinated by birds, and believed he recently saw a bird of prey in the district, a sparrowhawk. He has been using his old bird call tapes in attempts to lure birds back to the city, as not many remain due to the chemicals in Villedor. After failures, he wishes to play his calls from a very high place with no humans around. He wants it to be played from atop the nearby Historical Communications Tower, located in northern Downtown, and asks Aiden to bring the tape over there.

Head north to the radio tower, which should be visible from where Adrian is standing. There is a rope lift on the street level near the radio tower, which can be used to get up to a balcony. From there, a gust of wind can be used in combination with the paraglider to get to the roof where the radio tower itself is located. Once there, climb up the radio tower.

While climbing the tower, Aiden will run into a bird's nest. After a brief conversation with Adrian, Adrian concludes that the nest belongs to a sparrowhawk, and so asks Aiden to move away from the area. With Adrian glad that the birds are returning to the city, the quest is concluded.

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