Bilal's Tar & Dust Workshop is a location and Safe Zone featu
Bilal's Tar & Dust Workshop

Bilal's Gas Station.

red in Dying Light: The Following. It is located in the eastern region of the countryside surrounding the city of Harran. It is owned by the mechanic Bilal and shares its location with a Taurus gas station.

Known survivors

  • Bilal - The owner of the shop and leader of the survivors residing there.
  • Nuri - The developmentally disabled younger brother of Bilal.
  • Fatma - Reports Levent missing.

Missing Persons

  • Bahri - Went missing with Ekrem near the granary.
  • Ekrem - Went missing with Bahri near the granary.
  • Emre - Went missing near the beach.
  • Hayko - Went missing near the power plant.
  • Levent
  • Sezen
  • Kerim


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