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Banshee I Am The Cure, is a comic centered around the events occuring before Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Pages of the comic can also be found in Dying Light 2 Stay Human as a collectible. It was given away for free on TechlandGG shortly after Dying 2 Know Episode 2, it is now a tier 14 unlockable on TechlandGG


  • Scientist: An unnamed female scientist who serves as the protagonist of the comic.
  • Scientists ex: Another unnamed female character who serves as an ally to the protagonist.
  • General: An unnamed general who serves as the antagonist of the comic.
  • Professor Collins: The director of a research facility.


The comic is set an unspecified amount of time after the events of Dying Light. Research is taking place to create a cure for the Harran Virus without any negative side effects. At the time the comic starts, the researchers have reached an 83% chance of not having any side effects. Unfortunately, the military has roled in on the research facility and shuts down further vaccine development efforts. The general in charge is not afraid of the side effects, and instead wishes to embrace them.

The military unleashes the incomplete vaccine on the populace, causing numerous deaths. The scientist and her former girlfriend finish the cure research and decide to celebrate by crashing a gala of the general. Unfortunately, the general has ordered to unleash more of the military "vaccine", causing more people to get infected. The scientist does not make it and her girlfriend turns into a Banshee, still wearing the necklace with the cure data.


  • Story: Mariusz Pitura (Techland)
  • Script: Fred van Lente
  • Artist: Adam Markiewicz
  • Colors: Jorge Sutil
  • Letters: Taylor Esposito
  • Marketing Creative Director: Lukasz Janas (Techland)
  • Marketing Project Manager: Anna Mąkosa (Techland)
  • Editor: Joe Rybandt
  • Cover Design: Jakub Śledź
  • CEO/Publisher: Nick Barrucci
  • President/COO: Juan Colado
  • V.P. of IT and Operations: Brandon Dante Primavera
  • Executive Editor: Joe Rybant
  • Senior Editor: Matt Idelson
  • Creative Director: Alexis Persson
  • Digital Multimedia Associate: Rachel Kilbury
  • Graphic Designer: Katie Hidalgo
  • Graphic Designer: Nick Pentz
  • V.P. of Sales and Marketing: Alan Payne
  • Marketing Coordinator: Vincent Faust
  • V.P. of Product Development: Jim Kuhoric
  • Director of Product Development: Jay Spence
  • Direct of Research & Development: Mariano Nicieza