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¨The Banshee's slim figure still clings to the remnants of a provocative evening dress and hangs with gold jewelry. Its once-beautiful hands are now disfigured and lopsided, and the manicured nails have turned into claws.¨

The Banshee is the first monster that the player encounters in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


A vivid symbol of punishment for the sins of vanity and unbridled consumerism. Pieces of her evening dress still cling to the Banshee's petite body, as does some gold jewelry. Her hands have transformed into claws, her manicured nails—into talons. Although Banshee is driven by instincts, her behavior seems to indicate some unsettling remnants of humanity. Could there be a woman trapped within the rotting flesh of this witch, tormented by brief flashes of lucidity?

The Banshee is a smaller infected. It was a female Viral that presumably made contact with chemicals before becoming a Volatile, and the mutation derailed into this. The very first Banshee was a female scientist that was trapped in the THV GenMod 2 gas during the Black Monday event. She stands around or a little shorter than the typical infected and is notably emaciated. She wears a badly worn and torn revealing black dress. Her lower jaw is split, and skin is covered with small glowing sores and boils. Her head has only a few patches of black hair remaining. Her thin arms have bangles and end with two painfully swollen and oversized hands that have long claws adorned with rings.

The Banshee is a fast moving infected that is surprisingly acrobatic, & evasive in combat, while using leaping and lunging attacks with her agility and her oversized claws.

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The Banshee is evasive and tries to consistently distance themselves from the player, either through the use of jumping on other infected to perch from or on top of buildings & other large structures to than deliver their one & only attack,a pounce(Power attack,can only be dodged) which staggers either the target or if it missed, staggers the Banshee for a time to allow a retaliation, thus be wary of not keeping an eye on the Banshee or listening for their scream as they pounce.

The main weaknesses of the Banshee are that she is easy to stagger as well as being frail with no other attack beside the pounce (effectively if you get close and there are no other threats, she is going to die/take as much damage as you can put out before running out of stamina) as well as how her main attack being the pounce, which is fairly easy to dodge/see coming if alone.

The Hag[]

The Hag is a variant of the Banshee, which can perch on human enemies to infect them, which causes them to emit a highly contaminated Fog for several seconds after death, draining Aiden's Immunity & infecting any nearby humans into Virals at a rapid rate.