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The Banshee is a monster in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.


A vivid symbol of punishment for the sins of vanity and unbridled consumerism. Pieces of her evening dress still cling to the Banshee’s petite body, as does some gold jewelry. Her hands have transformed into claws, her manicured nails—into talons. Although Banshee is driven by instincts, her behavior seems to indicate some unsettling remnants of humanity. Could there be a woman trapped within the rotting flesh of this witch, tormented by brief flashes of lucidity?


The Banshee has only one main attack being her pounce(Power attack thus can not be blocked only dodged) and the ability to jump on other infected + up to roof tops ,her main strength is when the Player is being bogged down/distracted with other infected allowing her to get more successful pounces.

Main weaknesses of the Banshee is she is easy to stagger as well as being frail with no other attack beside the pounce (effectively if you get close and no other threats,she is going to die/take as much damage as you can put out before running out of stamina) as well as her main attack is the pounce which is fairly easy to dodge/see coming if alone.