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"Bandages and Meds" is a side quest available in Dying Light. Available after completing Siblings.

To complete this side quest you will need to search 3 pharmacies in the Slums.

The first on is right on the corner of a street just south of the tower, near Dr. Zere's place.

The other one is a pharmacy with a metal-caged roof covered in plans, it has to be accessed through the roof. Behind the pharmacy is a ambulance car. It is somewhere west-southwest of the tower.

The third pharmacy is right down the street right next to the safe zone where the "Psycho" challenge is.


EVERYONE: thanks to Rais and his pack of bloodthirsty, murderous bastards, we're running low on bandages and painkillers. If you have either of these, or if you know where you can get some, please, bring them to Toygar. And don't think this doesn't apply to you just because you're not hurt right now. We've all seen how fast that can change, and if it's your leg with a bullet hole in it, you'll be glad I have the supplies you'll need.

  • Find bandages and meds for Toygar
  • Turn in syringe
  • Turn in painkillers
  • Turn in gauze
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