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"Fuck. Can’t believe I’m infected. I have to stay focused. I’d better go talk to someone in charge and see what’s going on here."
Quest introduction

Awakening is the first story quest in Dying Light.[1]


Objective icon
Locate Suleiman and intercept the file
The process detailed in the file is incomplete and, if implemented in its current state, toxic. Any attempt to use it would result in countless lives lost. It must be recovered.

(The objectives above are only seen in the loading screen after Kyle Crane gets bitten, they can not be found in the quest log afterwards)

Objective icon
Go see "the boss" in room 190
I haven’t seen the boss here yet, but I did meet this kid named Rahim. It was his sister, Jade, and her boyfriend Amir who saved my sorry ass.

Objective icon
Check for the lost survivor on the 13th floor
Objective icon
Help the survivor
Objective icon
Kill the Infected
Mark came down here to try to find his brother, but the guy had already turned, so I had to put him down. Now I’ve got to figure out how to patch Mark up.

Objective icon
Take care of Mark
Objective icon
Find gauze and alcohol to create a medkit
Objective icon
Craft a medkit
Objective icon
Use the medkit to stop Mark’s bleeding
Objective icon
Talk to Rahim
I managed to help Mark. Hoping it’ll buy me some trust around here.

Objective icon
Talk to Rahim
Objective icon
Change into runner’s clothes in room 194
Objective icon
Put on fresh wear
Objective icon
Meet Rahim on the Tower roof
Objective icon
Meet Rahim on the other building
Objective icon
Talk to Rahim
Objective icon
Jump down
Met Rahim on the roof like he wanted. Now I have to do some sort of crazy parkour shit? What the hell?

Objective icon
Follow Rahim's tips
Objective icon
Pass the "parkour test"
Just passed Rahim's "parkour test". This job's going in a bunch of directions I wasn't expecting, and they're all batshit insane.

Objective icon
Talk to Rahim
Objective icon
Ask Rahim about the seizure
All right... they've given me an actual job, and nobody suspects I'm not who I say I am. So far so good. And once Dr. Zere helps me manage these symptoms I'm dealing with, I'll be even better.

Objective icon
Use elevator to get to the ground floor
Objective icon
Talk to the Quartermaster
The Quartermaster is right. People here have trust issues, and I can't blame them. The only way to change that is to prove I can be useful.

Objective icon
Take the equipment from the Quartmaster
Well, that Quartermaster was a barrel of laughs. Now I need to get to this Dr. Zere guy... and hope he can help me out.

Objective icon
Get a shot of Antizin from Dr. Zere
Just got an earful from Dr. Zere about this plague. I'm in even deeper shit than I thought. Can't let myself dwell on it, though...

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Kyle Crane executes a HALO insertion into the quarantine zone of Harran. Not long after his arrival, things take a turn for the worst and he finds himself thrown in the middle of the madness, being ambushed by Tahir and some of the thugs of Rais, Crane has to be saved by Jade and Amir, with the latter dying in the rescue attempt. Wake up and look around. Get your bearings and make sure that the controls are the way you'd like them to be. Look around your room, and then go through the small apartment until you find a room that leads into the main hall.

Talk to the man who approaches, and then go around the corner to speak with Salma. She gives you a little more information about what's going on.

Walk down the only open hallway on the 18th floor and talk to the two men, Jared and Derek, standing by the next corridor. One can then walk to the sickbay, but here Aman will sent Crane away. Afterward, walk upstairs and look for Room 190. There's a guard, Zafer, stationed outside, but he allows passage once you explain why you're there.

Go to the balcony in Room 190 and meet the young man named Rahim. He might not be in charge of everything, but he still gives you an earful! Listen to what he has to say, and then search the balcony and his room for any collectable items. There's a Statue on the other side of the balcony.

These people have already taken big risks for you, so it would be nice to repay their loyalty. You know that there's someone missing from the ranks, so why not give something back by finding the person in question.

Go to the eastern end of the floor. Timur guarding the elevator door there warn you that it's going to be messy to proceed. That sounds ominous, but it is what it is.

"Jesus... how many people died here... ?
Kyle Crane"

Take the elevator down to the 13th floor and look around. It's... not a pretty sight. After a quick call comes in on your radio from the Global Relief Effort, you're clear to explore. It's only seconds later that someone cries out some distance away on that level. You grab a melee weapon from a chair, reflexively, and turn toward the sounds.

Follow the shouting and hurry down the main hallway. Someone's in trouble. You arrive in an apartment where a zombie is trying to break through a door. It sounds like there's a survivor inside, so you need to act! Use the weapon you grabbed to smash the zombie in the head. Strike several times if necessary, and make sure that the monster dies.

After it falls, open the door and talk to the survivor. His name is Mark. You radio in that he's down there, and someone from upstairs is going to come down and help.

While you wait, it would be wise to find a way to stop Mark's bleeding. He tells you a recipe that will do the trick.

Gauze and Alcohol combine to make a decent Medkit. There might be ingredients on this floor to make that all happen. Use your Survivor Sense to search the apartments on the 13th floor for parts. Once you find Alcohol and Gauze, go into the menu and use the Blueprints Tab to craft the kit.

The parts that you really need are in each of the two other apartments, so search them both thoroughly. You find the Alcohol and Gauze, along with a number of other spare parts that are going to be useful in the future. Take everything that isn't nailed down.

"Okay, I think that's everything I'm going to find. Let's give this a shot.
Kyle Crane after obtaining the materials"

Bring the Medkit back to Mark when you're ready, the use it on him to stop the bleeding. Lena arrives to help from upstairs, so it looks like Mark is okay for now. Go back upstairs to talk with Rahim again.

You witness a short meeting between Rahim and Jade. After Jade leaves, Rahim explains that you have a new room (194) with some clothes for you to wear. Apparently, they're better suited for the work that lies ahead.

Follow your waypoint to Room 194 and search for your Stash. This is where you can put items away for later and switch outfits. Any DLC outfits that you have are already unlocked there, along with the Fresh Clothes outfit that Rahim left for you. Get into that one, for now, and leave the room.

The blockage that was covering the stairs to the next floor up has been removed, so you're able to climb to the 20th floor and beyond. There are plenty of people living on the 20th floor, but you can't do much with them right now. Search for Lockpicks in a couple of the apartments if you want, then proceed to the roof when you're done.

Open the door at the top and check out the view from up there! It's a marvelous sight if you're not an acrophobiac; and we sincerely hope you are not. Rahim moves a crane's arm into position, effectively connecting your tower with another building.

Go around to the side of the roof and climb onto a few boxes so that you can reach the crane. Climb onto it using techniques explained in the onscreen prompts.

Press the movement keys toward the objects that you want to climb, and use the controls indicated to pull yourself up onto them. It's fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

"Holy shit. HOLY SHIT.
Kyle Crane after surviving the fall."

Walk carefully across the arm and meet Rahim on the other building. He goads you into learning more about free running. Jump after him and hope for the best!

The next area serves as a training ground for free running. Rahim gives you tips after the different types of movement, and you get to use them to navigate through the course. Practice ducking, jumping, and running to complete the first simple portion of the test.

When that's done, you go into a shaft that requires greater dexterity. Watch the arrows that Rahim has spray-painted on the walls to avoid getting lost. Keep following those and you'll be fine. There aren't any zombies out here to make the test nastier.

Climb up the shaft and through a small opening into the upper floor. Follow the path around the level, and learn how to hold onto objects while looking around for new things to leap toward. Use that to get through the next spot.

Now there aren't any new techniques to master, so you're almost done with this.

The path leads into the final phase of the testing area. Rahim has an open portion of the course that you must tackle. Climb onto the boxes on the right side and use them to leap onto the boards that are nailed into the wall. Shimmy along those until you reach the left side of the board. Then turn around and jump away from the wall so that you can climb onto the cement palette in the middle of the floor.

Cross a small beam toward the next ledge, and make a very fast but careful sprint to leap out of the testing room. This might take a couple of tries because you need to jump at the last possible moment. You won't take any damage for failing the jump, but you must repeat the steps to get through the room and back to the ledge.

Walk back to the crane and return to the tower. There are some minor complications along the way, so keep your cool and don't fall off of anything!

Rahim is at the door that leads back into the tower proper. Talk to him before you go inside, and then make your way down to the 19th floor and use the elevator. It takes you to the ground floor. The Quartermaster is there. Speak to him and see what supplies he can spare. Take what he offers: a Rusty Pipe Wrench, 1 Lockpick, 1 Medkit, and 1 unit of Metal Parts. There's also a Table Leg on the table in front of him, and a Battle Journal on the metal shelf to the left. Look up if you don't see it.

You can't just take things from the Quartermaster. He must first make sure that the building is supplied with everything that they need. He's also a bit stingy with his stuff. To get by, you must make do with what the people here can spare. That means you should stop by the Quartermaster's place once each day to see if anything new is available. Also return to the Quartermaster if you gain a Survivor rank. This improves the quality of the weapons he offers you and restores his daily stock.

You get a few tips about making friends. The people here don't know you and they have tons of problems of their own. To ingratiate yourself to them, see if there's anything that you can do on their behalf. Making friends isn't a bad idea if you want to survive all of this!

"Going outside, huh? Okay, new guy. Be careful out there. We've lost too many already.

Get your weapons ready and drop down to the lowest portion of the tower. Approach the last guard by the outer door and he unlocks the way. Are you sure that you want to do this? Well, okay. Let's go.

Walk outside and continue toward the left side of the compound. The doctor doesn't have his office inside the building (sadly), and you have to scurry through zombie-infested territory to get to him. It's okay to do some fighting if you want to, but considering your condition you might want to play it cool and sprint past any creatures that you see while proceeding toward the waypoint on the map.

Imran Zere's trailer is in a fenced-off court that's only a minute or so away. Use your freerunning to enter the compound and approach the trailer. The doctor lets you in, gives you a shot, and talks about the outbreak. Cool guy to have on your side, no doubt, but these conditions aren't ideal for curing a deadly outbreak.

This completes your mission. You get a burst of experience and begin the next stage of the story.


GRE Computer: "Hud activated. Commence briefing."
Pilot: "Approaching Harran."
GRE Computer: "Data on the subject. Kadir Suleiman. A local political figure hired to maintain order after the outbreak. His brother Hassan died in a disease-related incident before we were able to evacuate him. Suleiman blamed the GRE for Hassan's death. He stole a highly sensitive file which became his bargaining chip against the GRE. With instructions to publicize it if anything happened to him. Data on the subject. The stolen file. It details the incomplete process of synthesizing a cure for the virus. If implemented in its current state, the produced substance may be extremely toxic."
Pilot: "Jump in ten seconds."
GRE Computer: "Also, the file contains a full description of the virion structure. Any attempt to use it would result in countless lives lost. It must be recovered. Further information. Current status. Suleiman sent the file to an associate unknown to us, with instructions to publicize it at his command at any time. To counter that, we instituted a city-wide communication jam, preventing him from publicizing the file. Your GRE-issued radio can overcome that jamming. It is your lifeline. Do not lose it. Suleiman has since gone underground and begun using a different name. We have reason to believe he now leads one of the two main factions operating within the city. You are to find Suleiman and locate the stolen file in order to save mankind from a disaster of unprecedented proportions."

Tower Awakening[]

Guard: "You sleep for three days like a dead man, then scare children? Off to a great start, 31."
Crane: "Where am I?"
Guard: "In paradise, can't you see? Okay, enough joking around. Head to room 190. The boss'll brief you."
Crane: "What do you mean, "31"?"
Guard: "Ask the boss!"


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