Prerequisites: Find the Volatile Hive in Sabit's hut

Difficulty: Medium

Rewards: 2500 EXP, 50 Trust points

After being asked to acquire herbs from Sabit's hut, the player soon finds the floor caved in and leading into a Volatile Hive, from which strange sounds are emerging. Despite the game's warnings that there is heavy Volatile activity within the hive, it remains safe (even during the day) to explore during this mission.

Following the path and using the zipline downwards, you will soon find the source of the noise: a half-formed Volatile writhing about, revealed to be Sabit. He can be heard crying out in agony, his voice distorted by the mutations, to which Crane expresses fear and disgust.

After mercifully killing Sabit, the player must then exit the cave through the underwater tunnels, which can be found nearby.

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