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The Anti-Gadoid Gun is a unique firearm that appears in Dying Light.


The Anti-Gadoid Gun is a common firearm and can be obtained through the Quest "Legless Spider". The player will be rewarded with the gun upon completion of the quest.


  • The Anti-Gadoid Gun is a troll by the developers. It cannot fire any type of ammunition or do any damage to enemies.
  • When fired, it creates loud noises which alert special infected to your location.
  • The Anti-Gadoid Gun's thumbnail suggests that it uses pistol ammunition, although this number will always remain at zero, despite how much pistol ammunition is obtained by the player.
  • The Anti-Gadoid Gun can be sold for 300 dollars, double that amount if Hard Bargain survivor skill is unlocked.
  • The Anti-Gadoid Gun can be successfully given to Dawud in the quest Gunslinger.
  • Another use some people don't think about is to draw surrounding Virals away from weaker Biters thus eliminating some of the threat.
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