Alya Bozkurt is a character mentioned in Dying Light.


Events of Dying Light

She is a young survivor residing within the Magic Fortress daycare in the Old Town district of Harran. Many of the children were in the care of the daycare when the outbreak occurred, forcing the operator, Jasmine, and her husband Rupert into caring for the children during the crisis.

Later, Alya begins suffering from diabetic shock after running out of Insulin at the daycare. When Kyle Crane finds the beleaguered Rupert caring for the children on his own, he asks the runner to search nearby pharmacies for insulin, initiating the Health Potion side-quest.

When Crane is unable to find insulin within the nearby pharmacies, he uses the computer to track down Alya's address and heads to her parents' apartment on Steep Street to continue his search. At the apartment, Crane encounters an infected Harika Bozkurt, Alya's mother, and is forced to kill her in order to search the apartment. While Kyle is unable to locate any medicine within the apartment, he learns that Alya's father, Ekrem Bozkurt, was last known to be at the Fahrat Pizza parlour after picking up his daughter's prescription.

Crane heads to the pizzeria and finds Ekrem's corpse within the store. After searching his body and finding the medicine, Crane returns to the Magic Fortress so Rupert may apply Alya's medicine.


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