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"The samples are still viable. That's good. With some luck, your trip here won't have been for nothing."
Dr. Allen Camden

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Doctor Allen Camden is a major character in Dying Light.


Early Life

Nothing is known of his early life, but it can be assumed that he worked as a scientist for the GRE before his time in Harran.

Events of Dying Light

Dr. Camden is a scientist that worked alongside Dr. Zere to study the Harran virus for the GRE, who paid them "quite handsomely." After the outbreak, he and Dr. Zere stayed in Harran to find a cure, with Kadir "Rais" Suleiman charged with protecting them. Things took a turn for the worse after Kadir's brother, Hassan Suleiman, died. Dr Camden and Dr Zere were escorted to safety by a GRE operative Amir Ghoreyshi. They were all supposed to evacuate together but were somehow separated and unable to escape, becoming trapped in Harran. Camden found sanctuary in The Clinic and, presented with no other option, continued to search for a cure. After some time, communications were restored by Kyle Crane and allowed Dr Zere and Dr Camden to finally contact each other again. Dr Camden learns of Dr Zere's research and Crane helps by running it over to his lab for testing. He is only given the tissue samples as Rais has stolen the rest of Zere's research, which Dr Camden needs for the cure. After the research is recovered, Dr Camden is "CERTAIN a cure is within reach."


He seems to be very compassionate as evident in his willingness to stay in the city to find a cure to help the people of Harran. Giving advice to Kyle Crane to be careful when dealing with the GRE, he shows a genuine care for the well-being of others, even if he can be straightforward and distracted sometimes. Also appears to be lonely after being trapped in The Clinic, remarking to the player that he hasn't had any human contact in quite some time.