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"The samples are still viable. That's good. With some luck, your trip here won't have been for nothing."
Dr. Allen Camden

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Doctor Allen Camden is a major character in Dying Light.


Early Life

Nothing is known of his early life, but it can be assumed that he worked as a scientist for the GRE before his time in Harran.

Events of Dying Light

Dr. Camden is a scientist that worked alongside Dr. Zere to study the Harran virus for the GRE, who paid them "quite handsomely." After the outbreak, he and Dr. Zere stayed in Harran to find a cure, with Kadir "Rais" Suleiman charged with protecting them. Things took a turn for the worse after Kadir's brother, Hassan Suleiman, died. Dr Camden and Dr Zere were escorted to safety by a GRE operative Amir Ghoreyshi. They were all supposed to evacuate together but were somehow separated and unable to escape, becoming trapped in Harran. Camden found sanctuary in The Clinic, and presented with no other option, continued to search for a cure. After some time, communications were restored by Kyle Crane and allowed Dr Zere and Dr Camden to finally contact each other again. Dr Camden learns of Dr Zere's research and Crane helps by running it over to his lab for testing. He is only given the tissue samples as Rais has stolen the rest of Zere's research, which Dr Camden needs for the cure. After the research is recovered, Dr Camden is "CERTAIN a cure is within reach."


He seems to be very compassionate as evident in his willingness to stay in the city to find a cure to help the people of Harran. Giving advice to Kyle Crane to be careful when dealing with the GRE, he shows a genuine care for the well-being of others, even if he can be straightforward and distracted sometimes. Also appears to be lonely after being trapped in The Clinic, remarking to the player that he hasn't had any human contact in quite some time.


Show: Siblings

Zere: "Ah, Crane! Come in, come in! Did you get the samples I asked for? (Crane hands the samples) Excellent, excellent! I was just telling Dr. Camden about you."
Camden: "Hello, Mr. Crane. Glad to have you working with us. You sound like an impressive individual."
Zere: "Interesting stuff, what passes for blood in this creature. Photosensitive. Quite deadly if used on a weapon, I'd wager. But I digress! My last bit of reagent here... and a reserve vial of... Oh my word! This tissue! It's testing positive for the recombined virus! Camden! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?"
Camden: "The meat experiment worked!"
Zere: "When I dosed the meat samples with the altered strain? It's HAD AN EFFECT! This could explain all the different mutations! But I can't. Camden could... he has the equipment... but we have no way to get the research to him."
Crane: "You can talk to him on the radio. Why not share info that way?"
Camden: "There's too much data, Crane. It would take years. We'd both be dead and gone before he finished."
Zere: ""Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink.""
Crane: "What if I delivered this stuff to you, Dr. Camden? By hand? The data and the tissue samples both?"
Camden: "Crane... getting from there to here would be insanely dangerous."
Crane: "But it could mean a cure, right?"
Zere: "You don't know how much this means, dear boy! To me, to all of us! I'll contact you when everything's ready! You must go now! Much to do! Much to do!"

Show: Find the Embers

Crane: "Dr. Camden? Do you copy? Crane here... Camden, can you hear me?"
Camden: "Crane? Yes, yes, I hear you. What's going on?"
Crane: "I'm in sector 0. Is Jade with you?"
Camden: "No, she hasn't been able to reach me yet... and even if she does manage to get here, it won't be easy getting in. I had to barricade myself inside because of Rais and his thugs."
Crane: "You okay?"
Camden: "I'm trapped inside my lab but safe. Are you coming my way?"
Crane: "Not yet, Doctor... first I have to find Jade and recover Zere's research."
Camden: "Okay, I'll sit tight then... It's not like there's anywhere for me to go. Be careful out there, Crane."

Show: The Museum

Crane: "Dr. Camden? It's Crane. Do you copy?"
Camden: "Crane, good to hear you're still alive. Did you find Jade?"
Crane: "Yeah... yeah. I found her. Listen, I also found Dr. Zere's tissue samples. And I'll bring them to you, but first there's something else I need to do."
Camden: "Okay, Crane, but remember we don't have a lot of time."
Crane: "I know, Doc. I'm about to BUY us time. I'll be in touch."

Show: The Clinic

Crane: "YES! Dr. Camden? This is Kyle Crane. Can you hear me?"
Camden: "I can hear you. Are you on your way? I'm ready to work, just bring me the samples."
Crane: "That's exactly what I intend to do, Doc."
Camden: "Just remember... I'm surrounded by an army of infected."
Crane: "Affirmative. Expect me soon."
Camden: "Good. Not like I'm going anywhere."

Upon entering the Forever clinic:

Camden: "You must be Crane. I can see you through the security cameras."
Crane: "That's me. Name's Crane."
Camden: "Use the elevator. Push the button for the bottom floor."
Crane: "Got it."

Upon approaching the security door:

Camden: "Oh - and the door leading to the main corridor can only be opened manually. You'll have to get to the security room and throw the switch."
Crane: "On my way."

At the decontamination room:

Camden: "You'll have to run the decontamination protocol to unlock the doors. It won't work without full power, though. That's where the generators come in. Head to the offices. Once you're there, I'll point you in the right direction."
Crane: "All right, I'm on it..."
Camden: "Zere and I got to safety with the help of a GRE operative - a man very similar to you... The operative who helped us was supposed to evacuate alongside us... but you can guess how well that worked out, since Zere and I both got stuck here. I got seperated from the two of them, but I made it here, to this clinic. I really had no other option than to work on finding a cure. Zere and the operative fell in with Brecken's crowd. I guess I would have as well, if I'd been able to get to them."

Upon meeting Camden in person:

Camden: "Crane, glad to be finally shaking hands with you. Now, let's have those tissue samples, shall we?"
Crane: "Doc... mind if I show you a photo?"
Camden: "No, no, no... just, just, just... one minute. (Places vials in a machine) All right. We'll just let that run. That's gonna take quite a while. Now, what was it you wanted to say? (Kyle hands Amir's picture) Hey! That's him! That's the GRE operative I was telling you about! What's his name?"
Crane: "Amir."
Camden: "Yes! YES! Amir Ghoreyshi! ... What are you doing with a picture of him?"
Crane: "We, uh... had a mutual friend."
Camden: "The samples are still viable. That's good. With some luck, your trip here won't have been for nothing. Where is the rest of the data, by the way? I know Zere prepared two packages."
Crane: "I'll have to get back to you on that, Doc. Right now I have some GRE shitheads to confront."
Camden: "GRE? ... Crane, you watch yourself around them. Their public face is a lie of epic proportions. Those people are all heartless, lying bastards."
Crane: "I hear you, Doc. And thanks. I'll be in touch."

Upon leaving the Forever Clinic:

Camden: "Listen, Crane, I've got to reiterate: you'd better watch your back, your front, and both sides with those GRE bastards. They'll screw you if they get the chance."
Crane: "I know, Doc. I'll be careful. I just need to figure out where things stand."

Show: Extraction

Camden: "Crane? Can you hear me? It's Camden!"
Crane: "Yeah, I hear you. What's going on, Doc?"
Camden: "The analysis just finished on the tissue samples! The results are... well, I don't think the word "phenomenal" is too strong! Crane, if you can recover Zere's data, I'm CERTAIN a cure is within reach!"
Crane: "All right. We'll talk about it next time I see you."


  • "I was said to hear about Dr. Zere. He and I were thrilled to get the chance to study the Harran Virus... Not to mention, the GRE paid us quite handsomely. By the way, we're on backup power now, so we have minimal functionality. I needed extra power for my last experiment and the generators overheated and shut down." – During "The Clinic"
  • "I hope you don't mind me reminiscing out loud like this. It's been quite a number of weeks since I've had the prospect of talking to an actual live human, in person." – During "The Clinic"
  • "All right, now go down the main corridor. The lab is on the left." – During "The Clinic", after opening the security doors
  • "When the outbreak happened, Zere and I stayed in the quarantine to work on the cure. You know who was supposed to protect us? Kadir Suleiman! Rais himself! THAT worked out just perfectly." – During "The Clinic"
  • "Okay. The only way into the lab is through the decontamination room. The entrance is to the right. Everything went straight to hell after Rais's brother died, you know. Rais went from a guy with monstrous tendencies to a full-blown monster." – During "The Clinic"
  • "Be extra careful now - I never cleared the Infected from that part of the facility, as I've never had a reason to go in there. Watch it - I'm opening the door. Hmm... I'm sorry about this, but the only way to get to the generator room is through the ventilation shafts. The shafts lead to the stockroom. From there you can reach the hallway and then the generators." – During "The Clinic", while approaching the offices
  • "Good job. Now head back to the decontamination room. You know, I suspect, even if Zere had been able to leave the quarantine, he wouldn't have. He and the operative both felt the need to stay and help people." – During "The Clinic", after turning on the generators